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Cassie + Kerry

9 comments on “Come introduce yourself + your creative business!”

  1. The new look is gorgeous! It’s nice to meet you, Cassie. I’m Bev, and I’m a jewelry designer based in the Boston area and I’m also undergoing a big transformation with my business. (I actually hope to launch my new line at the end of the month!)

    • Hi Bev! So happy that you like the look and I love seeing your cute face here. Be sure to let us know when your new line launches. SO EXCITING!!!

  2. Hi!! I love you guys!

    My name is Jess Davis and my company is One21. I design and create bags, purses, and home goods. I have recently started a print line that I’m so excited about!

    • Hi Jess! Thank you so much for saying hello! Can you share a link to your site? We would love to check it out. Sounds amazing!!

  3. Hi. My name April and I run Rise Above Life. We focus on providing comfort to those who are facing difficult times with inspirational artwork. I look forward to seeing what everyone else is offering.

  4. Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be here and to follow along on this new adventure! I love the sound of the new ideas and loveliness that is coming into Handmade Success and love that there is gorgeous doses of self care thrown in there too. I always struggle with that balance and am currently ‘unplugging’ from my blog and social media (except instagram) for a while to regroup my ideas and hopefully find my creativity again (which I have written about recently on my blog) so I am super interested in reading and watching all about that here.
    I have a blog at http://www.elistonbutton.com where I chat about art, design, craft and adventure. I also have an Etsy shop at http://www.elistonbutton.etsy.com where I sell prints, woven wall hangings, garlands, embroidered felt accessories and jewellery and much more. I have chatted to and followed along with Kerry on Instagram before and am looking forward to ‘meeting’ Cassie on here now too. Good luck lovelies! I can’t wait!

  5. Greetings!

    I am an experienced independent sales representative for the gift industry. Having operated my own business for over fifteen years, I know lots about working with gifts store buyers and producers. I am also co-owner of Gourmet Innovations which makes gourmet foods and gifts.

    I have lots of experience in the field as I have worked as a retailer buyer and manager, a gourmet food and gift producer and a sales rep. Now that I am semi-retired, I want to share my knowledge and experience with other professional crafters, producers, artisan and manufacturer’s who would like to enter the wholesale market.

    Check out my blog at Selling to Gift & Retail Stores: http://www.sellingtogiftshops.com

    Here is my sales sites where I feature my digital eguides: http://www.sellingtoretailstores.com

    ‘Gift Rep’ Sandy Dell

  6. Hi Cassie and Kerry-
    Great meeting both of you! I’m a vintage jewelry designer, using vintage and new elements to create my one of a kind pieces. One of the things In would like you guys to address is getting back to getting found more on Etsy. A lot of things have changed with Etsy and it is affecting a lot of sellers, myself included. I promote daily on three social media platforms and list new designs daily in my shop but the views and “getting found” have dropped off significantly over the last 12-18 months. I feel like I’m doing everything right and have nothing but GREAT positive feedback on my work. So please do address how to get found when things are a changing on Etsy. Thank you both!! Looking forward to your posts!

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