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  1. The new look is gorgeous! It’s nice to meet you, Cassie. I’m Bev, and I’m a jewelry designer based in the Boston area and I’m also undergoing a big transformation with my business. (I actually hope to launch my new line at the end of the month!)

    • Hi Bev! So happy that you like the look and I love seeing your cute face here. Be sure to let us know when your new line launches. SO EXCITING!!!

  2. Hi!! I love you guys!

    My name is Jess Davis and my company is One21. I design and create bags, purses, and home goods. I have recently started a print line that I’m so excited about!

    • Hi Jess! Thank you so much for saying hello! Can you share a link to your site? We would love to check it out. Sounds amazing!!

  3. Hi. My name April and I run Rise Above Life. We focus on providing comfort to those who are facing difficult times with inspirational artwork. I look forward to seeing what everyone else is offering.

    • Hi April! Love what you are doing! Checked out your site and think it is beautiful!
      Are you on social media too?

  4. Hello lovelies! I am so excited to be here and to follow along on this new adventure! I love the sound of the new ideas and loveliness that is coming into Handmade Success and love that there is gorgeous doses of self care thrown in there too. I always struggle with that balance and am currently ‘unplugging’ from my blog and social media (except instagram) for a while to regroup my ideas and hopefully find my creativity again (which I have written about recently on my blog) so I am super interested in reading and watching all about that here.
    I have a blog at http://www.elistonbutton.com where I chat about art, design, craft and adventure. I also have an Etsy shop at http://www.elistonbutton.etsy.com where I sell prints, woven wall hangings, garlands, embroidered felt accessories and jewellery and much more. I have chatted to and followed along with Kerry on Instagram before and am looking forward to ‘meeting’ Cassie on here now too. Good luck lovelies! I can’t wait!

    • Hi Rachel!!! I always love seeing your whimsical wares and look forward to seeing and hearing about your new direction. You have always been so supportive and I am happy to still be in touch with you. XO!

  5. Greetings!

    I am an experienced independent sales representative for the gift industry. Having operated my own business for over fifteen years, I know lots about working with gifts store buyers and producers. I am also co-owner of Gourmet Innovations which makes gourmet foods and gifts.

    I have lots of experience in the field as I have worked as a retailer buyer and manager, a gourmet food and gift producer and a sales rep. Now that I am semi-retired, I want to share my knowledge and experience with other professional crafters, producers, artisan and manufacturer’s who would like to enter the wholesale market.

    Check out my blog at Selling to Gift & Retail Stores: http://www.sellingtogiftshops.com

    Here is my sales sites where I feature my digital eguides: http://www.sellingtoretailstores.com

    ‘Gift Rep’ Sandy Dell

    • Wow! You are a busy lady, Sandy! Totally loving that you help people with shows. I used to go to the gift and stationery shows so I know first hand that expertise in that area is so desired by artists trying to break into those markets. So happy to have you around here and we look forward to seeing more of you!

  6. Hi Cassie and Kerry-
    Great meeting both of you! I’m a vintage jewelry designer, using vintage and new elements to create my one of a kind pieces. One of the things In would like you guys to address is getting back to getting found more on Etsy. A lot of things have changed with Etsy and it is affecting a lot of sellers, myself included. I promote daily on three social media platforms and list new designs daily in my shop but the views and “getting found” have dropped off significantly over the last 12-18 months. I feel like I’m doing everything right and have nothing but GREAT positive feedback on my work. So please do address how to get found when things are a changing on Etsy. Thank you both!! Looking forward to your posts!

    • Karen! Your jewelry is beautiful!! Cassie is so Etsy savvy and I will make sure she chimes in here and in future content on the blog. Thank you so much for sharing your work and also for asking for help. That is what we are here for!! XO!

    • Hi Teri! I am loving your OM bracelets! Thank you so much for introducing yourself and your shop with everyone here!

    • Laura, I absolutely LOVE the name of your business! So darling! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  7. Congratulations on relaunching Handmade Success. Looking forward to hearing more from the both of you. My name is Patty Virginia, and to avoid any confusion just call me PattyV, the girl with two first names. I’m an Etsian and have a shop called EmbellishMePattyV. I cater to women and specialize in steering wheel covers and fabric key chains in cute, girly fabrics. http://www.embellishmepattyv.etsy. Within the last I opened my own online store which I’ve been wanting to do for awhile @ http://www.embellishmepattyv.net. I’m excited to see what Kerri and Cassie have in store for us. I need all the help I can get!

    • Hi PattyV! So happy you popped in to say hello! I am obsessed with your amazing steering wheel covers!!! Looking forward to connecting again on here 🙂

  8. Hi, my name is Candace, I don’t have an Etsy business, but would love to follow your blog to see all the fun and exciting artwork others are doing. Best of luck ladies!

    • Hi Kathleen! Your clutches are so darling!!! SO excited that you opened and hopefully we can help you get going in the right direction!

  9. Hello, my name is Rose Marie and I am the owner of Madonna’s Corner, MadonnasCorner on Etsy. Madonnas is my mom and she also designs and makes many of our items. We have for now, knit and crochet items for baby, home and adults also. I love, love , love yoga. I have been following Lion Brand Yarns for a while now and they have great small yoga sessions for knitters/crocheters – like wrist and shoulder stretches etc. Congrats on your new format, I have been following you for some time now!

    • Hi Rose! I just popped over to check out the shop and it is darling. I am so excited to hear that a yarn company is sharing yoga for knitters/crocheters. That is AWESOME! Thanks for sticking around and I look forward to getting to know you better in the future. XO!

  10. Hi! I’m Mary and I live in the UK. I make and sell jewellery on Etsy as Earth Wisdom Jewellery. I’m looking forward to knowing more about you, and learning more about running a small business.

  11. My name is patricia van dokkum and I have opened in 2014 an Etsy store (www.kleckerlabor.etsy.com), where Iam selling colorfull Pop Art Animal Illustrations

  12. Hello and so happy to be here! I have an Etsy site but did more buying than any selling so I am moving to my own site. I am a Certified Angel Card Reader and am taking Fairyologist classes to get certified. I am a licensed optician in the state of Georgia too. I am listed under purelypatty on Etsy but have very little listed there now. My site is http://www.PurelyPattyT.com and I have optical cleaning cloths for sale besides card readings. Odd combo that but eh…

  13. I’ve been following you on Twitter & saw your post about this today. The new services & changes sound (& look) fantastic.

    I’m Heather Miller of http://WhiteRosesArt.com. I create unique, affordable art in a variety of themes & mediums. I try to use relatively simple techniques and easily available materials to inspire others to create. But, for those who don’t want to create their own works, mine are priced $150 or less (most under $100). I have an Etsy shop which I relaunched at the beginning of the year: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WhiteRosesArt (in vacation mode until June 15, 2016). I’m looking forward to reading all your advice on Etsy.

    I also have a brand new blog which I started on the advice of several other artists where I discuss the business side of the art for artists who don’t want to be ‘gallery artists.’ You can read my posts here: http://blog.WhiteRosesArt.com. Thanks for letting us post links!

  14. Hello girls! I stumbled upon handmade success via facebook a few days ago, and I think it’s totally rad, I can’t wait to see more.

    I am a writer, and have been blogging for a few years now. But I’m always obsessed with small handmade business, and so I’ve begun to dip my toes in the water via artisan markets and festivals. I have a small newsletter list that I’m cultivating, and am in the process of getting my etsy shop up and running this month :D, so I’m always looking for inspiration and advice to keep overwhelm at bay!

    This is a family biz, so I am making product for the shop along with my talented parents who are also contributing their creations. It’s awesome going on this adventure with my parents, as they are the ones who have always inspired my creative side and encouraged me to be a maker.

    The business is called UGGLY MUGG and at this very early stage, I am dubbing it a “handcrafted general store”. So far we’ve been making molded soy candles with essential oils, unique candelabras, postcards… our table is always filled with a few different kinds of things!

    Anyhoo, I would love advice on approaching stockists and on shipping. 🙂 Thanks again for setting this space up!

    (my blog is http://www.zucchiniontheceiling.com ) 😉

  15. Hi! I’m Phinon, a crafty Momma of 2, who loves to make all kinds of things from vinyl monogrammed items to embroidered Disney shirts to sewn pillow cases.
    I can’t wait to see the new content and hope to learn a lot from you both.
    You can find me at:

  16. Hello, I’m Aradia of Aradia’s Hand and I’m excited to see what new things ya’ll come up with! I am primarily a Fiber & Wire Artisan & my focus is on spirit inspired art to help women connect & anchor with their desired feelings. I also have another business that ties into healing & intuitive work and I’ve been working to bring out the common threads among my artistic process!

    You can find me at: http://www.aradiashand.com!

  17. I just stumbled across your site today (from a FIVE year old article on Design*Sponge!), and immediately dove deep into your archives (plus bookmarked you Etsy kit to order). I started selling thru Fiverr about 3 months ago, and it has boosted my confidence so much, that I am feeling like I just might be ready to open an Etsy shop! I’m still so unsure and feeling suuuuper intimidated… but stationery design makes me happier than anything else I have done from 9-5!

  18. Hi Cassie!
    My name is Lynne’ Miller and your sister Lexi is one of my best friends!! She told me you guys could possibly help me get my small business off the ground. I have an etsy account but am just so clueless as to how to get noticed and get my name out there!! Lexi speaks very highly of you and says you’re incredible at what you do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Hope you guys are well 🙂 and congrats on all your success!!

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