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Holiday Stress? Yoga For Creatives Ebook is Here to Help!


I know the crazy holiday season is already upon us and I hope you are not too frazzled. I planned on releasing this Yoga For Creatives ebook in the new year but as I put the finishing touches on it I got to thinking about how this time of year is when you might need these tips the most. The book is filled with small actionable yoga stretches, breathing exercises, daily intentions and relaxation techniques geared towards creative entrepreneurs. I want you to be able to open this ebook, choose one thing to do and be feeling a little bit better. So, if the description below sounds good to you be sure to pick up your copy to help you navigate the holiday stress with a little more ease.

Do you have a hard time fitting self care into your creative routine? There are a lot of highs and lows that come with being a creative entrepreneur and those can affect you on many levels. That is why I created the Yoga For Creatives ebook and printable.

This book is an easy way to start bringing the following into your daily creative life:
– yoga poses
– breathing exercises
– intention setting
– relaxation techniques
This book is designed to help you:
– create a daily self care routine
– decrease stress
– increase positive energy
– relieve tension
– make room for more creativity


Included in this book:
– 2 short yoga routines for morning, afternoon and evening
– 5 breathing techniques
– 9 daily intentions
– 2 relaxation techniques

These can all stay in ebook form or be printed out.

The yoga poses are very simple and are more like stretches. They are not intended to be difficult. I chose specific ones that can be easily done to bring awareness to where your body is carrying tension and to begin to release that tension.

I made this ebook to help you shine! I want you to feel your best and be able to handle the highs and lows of your creative life with a bit more ease and confidence. I look forward to you delving into this ebook and can’t wait to hear how you like it!


First Review:

“I love the highlighted headings, simple and very effective, good idea!! I am not a yoga person yet but I have been doing the breathing techniques and that was reinforced by your words in a wonderful way. I have been wanting to go at my own pace with yoga for a while so this book looks like it could really help me do that.”

– Bette of theIDEApath on Etsy

 p.s. I have already had requests from friends and other creatives to add audio and video to make it easier to follow along and you can expect those in 2015.  Also, I have been working with creatives since 2006 with Waste Not Paper, Green Paper Company, Artisan Markets and here on Handmade Success. I have also been teaching yoga in Chicago and Arizona since 2004. You can feel confident in the intentions and knowledge that went into the making of this ebook.