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Your Opinion Wanted: International Shipping

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all busy enjoying the holiday season. I am turning to you again to help with a question from one of our readers. Today’s question comes from Angela of Gigee Marie (she started this series by asking the very first question I shared). I have a feeling a lot of you will be able to help her out and that a lot of you have the same question.

I currently only ship to the US but I’d like to expand that because there have been several people internationally who have expressed interest in my products. However, I’m not sure where to start (which is why I didn’t even bother with it to begin with). For my US orders, I have a standard shipping cost which is based on the furthest location from me. But what is the best/easiest approach for shipping internationally, as I’m sure the cost can vary greatly depending on the country. Is there a way for PayPal to calculate the shipping cost for a specific country when the person places their order (as opposed to me having the shipping cost already set up in the back-end)? Or perhaps is there a way to charge shipping to the customer AFTER they already place the order so that I can calculate a precise shipping cost? Or should I just use the shipping costs for a small group of “major” countries (i.e. England, France, Japan, China, Spain, Italy, etc.) and then adjust as I see fit? I’m truly a novice when it comes to international shipping, so any insight that you or your readers have would be extremely helpful.

Please share your opinion, thoughts, answers and questions in the comments!

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Gift Shipping This Holiday? 12 Things Your Customers Will Want To Know Before They Buy

The holidays are the biggest gift giving time of the year. Offering gift wrap and gift shipping is a service your customers will love and may increase your sales. Questions will always come up about gift shipping. You need to be prepared and have these answers ready now, before the busy season begins.

In my 10+ years of holiday gift shipping my fresh wreaths, I have been asked many questions on gift shipping.

Here are the 12 questions that I hear over and over again and suggest you find the answers to for your business.

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6 Ways to Exceed Your Handmade Customer’s Shipping Expectations

Isn’t shopping online great? I love being able to find just about any product my heart desires and being able to browse as long as I wish (no store closing time, no child asking, “Mommy, can we go now?”). One of the only downsides of ordering products online is waiting for my purchases to arrive. I’m a gotta-have-it-now kind of girl, and waiting days to receive my item(s) is no fun.

Esmerelda The First Shipping Label from Bohtieque

While I know that most of you reading Handmade Success are handmade sellers who focus on selling more than buying, sometimes it’s good to put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Have you ever considered how long it takes your products to arrive on your customer’s doorstep?

While shopping online has been popular for a while now, some people are still a bit nervous about paying money up front for something that they haven’t received yet. If you sell handmade products online, you can turn those unsure patrons into repeat customers who can’t wait to visit your shop again!

Read on for some ideas to ease your customer’s mind and exceed his/her expectations.