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saying no

The Importance (and Graceful Art) of Saying No

Some much need advice from Bettie Newell of Little Paper Cities. Be sure to check out her prints and notecards in her brand new Etsy shop!

Chances are, as a small business owner, you say “yes” to almost every opportunity that comes your way. Maybe you feel like you need the exposure. Maybe you feel like business isn’t strong enough for you to turn something down. So you say yes. Then you say yes again. And pretty soon you are completely overcommitted and you can’t seem to get any one thing done well.


How To Deal With Overwhelm

We are starting this week of with some words of wisdom from Jessica Swift.  She just got accepted into Renegade Chicago and she is currently promoting her Kickstarter project to create patterned rain boots (with secret messages!). You MUST check them out! – Kerry 

Hello hello!

Today I’m writing about something that I’m willing to bet we all deal with sometimes as creative people running businesses, whether they’re successful, just budding, or somewhere in between, and that’s OVERWHELM. It’s something I’m dealing with currently, in fact, so it’s a timely topic for me. 🙂

I consistently take on too much. Do you do the same? I say yes to everything that comes my way, and then all of a sudden I’m in over my head (or at least it feels that way). And then I get paralyzed. Where do I begin? How do I prioritize? How in the world am I going to get all this stuff DONE?? I psych myself out, and then this fear of not getting it all done prevents me from actually doing anything! Can you relate?