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Market Yourself by Tara Swiger: Review + Giveaway

When Tara Swiger emailed me last September saying that she was working on a book, I got so excited! Her guest posts here at Handmade Success have been so chock full of information and so knock your socks off insightful that just the idea of her trying to help you market yourself with a book filled me with anticipation!

Market Yourself by Tara Swiger does not disappoint. Tara Swiger knows marketing and after you read this book (heck, after reading the first chapter!) you will believe that Tara Swiger knows you.

You will get excited just reading the Table of Contents! Your interest will be piqued to see how your business will grow as you proceed through the book. Each chapter has a carefully crafted focus along with (AMAZING!) worksheets to help you bring new ideas into fruition. (more…)

E-Book Review: The Blogging Adventure

The Blogging Adventure: Tips & Prompts for Crafters by a Crafter by Martha Latta of Sunday Afternoon Housewife is a wonderful resource if you are new to blogging or looking for inspiration to help build your blog audience and increase content. It is made up of two sections: one that has 25 writing prompts to give you at least 4 weeks worth of blog content and one that offers 4 worksheets to use on the weekends to help you boost your knowledge of blogging and your social network.

It is set up that you can read it all at once, day by day or in bursts when you have the time or need to be inspired. I particularly like that she (more…)