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Examples of Beautiful Press Kits

My last post focused on the ins and outs of press kits, why you might need one and what you should try to include. So since we’ve done the theory and strategy part it’s time for the visuals! It’s always easier to understand how something works by looking at examples so here are some of my current favourites that I’ve seen around.

As I mentioned previously press kits can be digital or physical. The general consensus is that digital is best for the majority of situations especially when sending to online businesses or bloggers but there are times when sending a beautiful and clever press kit through the post will do wonders for explaining your brand visually. A cute package could be sent out to magazines, tv shows, art galleries or places that you could visit in person like boutiques.

This one from Wild Ink Press is divine!

Wiley Valentine have included a cute bookmark and an example of their work along with company information.

Laura Berglund has put together a cute take away kit to leave with prospective clients so that they remember her.

Most digital press kits are pdf files making it harder to show you what they look like but these are some of my current favourites:

Oh My Handmade media kit

Rock and roll Bride Media kit  designed by


Once Wed Media Kit designed by Bri Emery of

Bri also wrote a great post sharing her branded materials including a kit she sends out as a thank you after working with clients.

I hope these give you some inspiration for your very own press kit.

Do you have a press kit already? Share a link to yours in the comments so we can check them out!


Isa Maria Seminega –– Noisette Marketing
Isa Maria Seminega has been working with creative business owners since 2009 when she launched her communications agency, Noisette Marketing. Since then she has helped countless creatives grow their business using authentic marketing, PR and branding. Isa’s work and business advice has been featured on popular sites such as Design*Sponge and and she also spoke on PR at Etsy’s first ever business conference held in Berlin, Germany in 2011.

Isa recently founded Noisette Academy a learning community providing e-courses and mentoring services. Noisette Academy aims to empower creative business owners by teaching the skills they need to market, brand and develop their passion into a profitable business.


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Press Kits- The Basics

personal photo of truffle truffle‘s press kit (received at Indie Wed)

Whether you are an artist, blogger, designer, crafter or vintage seller there will come a time when you want to get more awareness of your business in the media. Instead of waiting for the media to find you, you can contact them yourself with your press kit.

What is a press kit?

Press kits or media kits as they are sometimes called, are information packets that you can send out to prospective media to inform them of your business. If you are thinking of approaching the press, in particular magazines or newspapers, you’ll want to send them over some information about you and your company so you can get their attention.

Press kits can be sent out in a digital format or you can create a physical kit. Most media outlets will expect to receive a digital kit. They are easy to email over, don’t take up much space and they are also kind to the environment. Physical kits still have a place though. If you are sending out samples to tv shows, national magazines or potential stockists it makes more sense to send out a physical press kit with it. (more…)