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Giveaway from The Modern Mark

MODERNMARKGIVEAWAYLooking for a fabulous logo? I would like to introduce you to The Modern Mark! Jordan and I are love their work and are thrilled to be sharing them with you! Want to more about them?

“The Modern Mark specializes in high quality customized pre-made logo design for the creative, inspired small business professional. Find a great design for your company – whether you’re a photographer, blogger, interior designer, wedding planner, bakery or boutique owner – we have the perfect logo to get any business up and running in style.”

They started their business based on the premise that a lot of small business owners don’t always know how to describe what they want in a logo but that they definitely know what they like when they see it. So, they decided to create beautiful logos to help you decide what you like and give you an idea of the finished product. They are all about helping the small business owner succeed!

Here is a sample of what you will see on their website:


These make me wish I had lots of businesses that needed logos! I promise you will enjoy looking at them all! Once you choose a design you love then it will not be sold to anyone else and you will receive multiple versions for both web and print!

Giveaway Details:

The Modern Mark is giving 3 readers the chance to win a logo of their choice!


The giveaway will end Wednesday, June 19th at 6:00pm PST. the winners will be drawn using a random number generator and announced on Thursday, June 20th.

To enter:

Head on over to The Modern Mark and take a look around. Then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which logo is your favorite.

Extra entry:

“Like” The Modern Mark on Facebook then comment here that you did so.

Be sure to leave a new comment for each entry so it counts (limit of 2 comments per person)!

Good luck!

That’s a Wrap!

Hi sweet readers. My name is Patti Wunder. I own & design for Easton Place. I’m so excited to present a little “show ‘n tell” today! My company has gone through quite a few changes over the past few years, but today I’m going to focus on the transformation of my packaging. Packaging is basically your product’s first impression, so do the best you can to make it a good one! Below I’ve put together the progression of my own “Paper Lovelies”.  The photos clearly show a bit of a story as well. My logo changes in the process, but that story is for another day…

In the initial stages of my business, I had limited funds, but that didn’t keep me from creating the prettiest packaging I could afford. This beginning stage consisted of cello bags and simple, yet effective, card toppers. Every product in my line-up was packaged in a well-fitted cello sleeve. My logo was prominently displayed. Website information was located on the back of the card topper. I like the clean look and continue to use the cello bags for packaging my individual greeting cards.

After a year of cello bags, I decided to step up a bit to the one-piece plastic box. A sweet satin ribbon and logo hang-tag (mini-moo business cards) finished off the look. Again, my company’s web information was on the back of the hang-tag. (The packaging change and the logo change go well together.)

The final change in my products’ packaging coordinated with a major logo, web, image change. Just as my logo and products have matured, so has my packaging. In this final stage, the product is tucked inside a linen textured, two-piece box and topped with a custom wax seal. My logo prominently displayed. This first impression says, “Something special is inside. I can’t wait to open it!”

Once the package is opened, a paper band not only wraps the product neatly keeping things from shifting, it also repeats my logo again. Side note: Did you know the average consumer sees a product 7 times before actually noticing the product? Repeat that logo!! Brand identity should be strong!

I hope you’ve enjoy seeing my company’s packaging transformation and it inspires you to think about your own product packaging. Does your product have a great “first impression?” Does your brand identity make a statement within your packaging?

It’s been a pleasure sharing with you! Thank you for stopping by. If you’d like help with product packaging, stop by my online shop or email me! I love helping develop new packaging for businesses.

Patti Wunder — Easton Place Designs

Patti Wunder: Purdue University graduate, former educator, now wife, mother of two and tennis fanatic. Besides her love of fine papers and sweet illustrations, Patti also makes time everyday for music, dark chocolate and her goldendoodle, Aggie. This one-time midwest girl now lives, plays and works in New England, not far from New York City. Easton Place Designs is also on Facebook & Twitter! 

DIY Eco Friendly Product Packaging for the Holidays

Earlier this year I launched a rebrand of my eco/handmade business, TrashN2Tees. I was giddy with excitement about the new colors and style but even more excited to create new packaging! My friend Marisa from Omiyage has an amazing eye for aesthetics and I invited her over to Pinterest for a playdate- a packaging & design playdate. It’s safe to say we both had a blast scouring the pinterestverse and flipping through our favorite blogs in search of inspiration. See for yourself.

I believe the way we present and package our products says a lot about us as creative entrepreneurs as well as our business. Handmade packaging provides a great opportunity to dazzle our customers and stand out in the crowd. Maybe you’re not rebranding but with the holidays fast approaching, it’s a perfect time to ramp up our product presentations because don’t we all love to receive beautifully packaged surprises? (Even if we know what’s inside!)

Here are a few eco-friendly and sustainable packaging tips and tutorials to get you started:

Tutorials (clockwise): Tshirt Bow, Newsprint Flower, Fabric Wrap, Origami Boxes

1. Make it! Why buy mass produced materials when you can make your own? Choose handmade touches whenever possible.

2. Be creative when wrapping! Reuse items that you have readily available. When you throw glitter, hole punches, stamps, markers, old magazines, squishy yarn, and fun tape into the mix- anything is possible.

3. Add your personal touch. It can be a short & sweet handwritten note. Never miss an opportunity to give thanks to your customers for their business! I also share fun tips for reusing the packaging I send along! Download this PDF list of easy tips for re-using cardboard boxes, plastic and paper bags and start handing out printed copies with each purchase! 

via Corina Nielsen Photography

4. Think outside the box. Not all packages have to come in a box. Why not in a suede pouch or a tin can?

5. Sweeten the deal.  I recommend a free shipping or discount coupon and any nifty promotional item sporting your business logo. (I love my 1″ magnets & pins!)

6. Keep it safe. Fragile or bendable items need special packaging. If you’re shipping a gift for the holidays, there might not be time to replace a broken item. So stock up (or save up) chipboard, eco-friendly packing peanuts, newspaper, etc. Oh, and don’t forget to try weather proofing those packages as much as possible!

Tutorials (L to R): Suede Pouch, Geometric Shape Boxes, Clothes Pin Toppers, Kiss Boxes

I can’t wait to hear about your favorite packaging! Show off by including a link to your own and join the conversation by sharing your best tips below!

Jenelle Montilone — TrashN2Tees

Creative activist and entrepreneur, Jenelle Montilone is changing the way we consume and create through TrashN2Tees and The Create Change Movement. Armed with scissors and a sewing machine she raises awareness about clothing recycling and consumption issues that affect all of us. To date she has diverted more than 20 tons of clothing from the waste stream. Her own blog is filled with handmade business tips, repurposing tutorials- where she hopes to inspire you to take action… in anything!

6 Ways to Sell an Experience Each Time You Sell a Product

Holiday purchases will be picking up pretty sharply in your store soon. I know it’s tempting to throw those prints or earrings in an envelope, send ’em off, and call it a day — but that’s the bare minimum you can do to provide your customer with a fantastic experience.

A quick revamp of your packaging materials and promotional pieces can go a long way toward providing your shop’s fans with a memorable mail delivery.

Let’s not take my word for it, though. Let’s get some lessons from Kate Spade! As you can see, I ordered a bracelet. (It cost about $50.) I expected to receive a sturdy mailer envelope with a bubble-wrapped bracelet inside. Instead, I got a lesson in selling an experience each time you sell a product. (more…)

Gift Shipping This Holiday? 12 Things Your Customers Will Want To Know Before They Buy

The holidays are the biggest gift giving time of the year. Offering gift wrap and gift shipping is a service your customers will love and may increase your sales. Questions will always come up about gift shipping. You need to be prepared and have these answers ready now, before the busy season begins.

In my 10+ years of holiday gift shipping my fresh wreaths, I have been asked many questions on gift shipping.

Here are the 12 questions that I hear over and over again and suggest you find the answers to for your business.

Holiday Gift Giving Q & A (more…)