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letting go

What do you need to let go of in your business?

Thinking Print from Jessica Swift

Lately I’ve been thinking about what parts of my business I love. On the other side of that coin, I’ve been thinking about what parts of my business I don’t love. What’s holding me back? What’s making me cranky? What do I procrastinate about like crazy?

These are the things I’ve decided to stop doing. And in their place, I’m going to fill them with things I LOVE doing. Of course, every business has administrative stuff that needs to get done and can’t be ditched– it would be a bad idea for me to quit doing my bookkeeping, for example! — but I’m talking about the actual money-generating parts of my business.

I’m fortunate to have created a variety of income streams for myself over the past few years, including licensing artwork to companies for products, selling my work in my etsy shop and on my own website, an e-course called The Declaration of You with my pal Michelle Ward (which we’re now turning into a book! To be released in June 2013!), graphic design work for clients, starting a line of rain boots, craft shows, etc. What I’m discovering, though, is that a couple of those income streams are not as fun and exciting as they used to be now. There’s definitely some procrastination involved, and sometimes some downright crankiness! I love my business, and I want to continue loving my business, so letting go of the things I’m not crazy about doing anymore is an important piece of ensuring that I do. (more…)

Everything Will Be Alright

Sometimes I hear a whisper in my head that tells me what I’m doing is not enough. It tells me that my big, exciting dreams may not come true, because I may not be creative enough, or business-savvy enough, or unique enough. I may not have a good enough message. That I make too many mistakes. When I listen to the whisper, it slowly turns into a shout, until it’s all I can hear in my head. It’s very tricky, and cunning. It happens without my even realizing it’s happening. We all have that voice, don’t we? I don’t listen to it all the time, but man oh man, sometimes it can sneak up on me!