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HOW I RAISED $18,000 ON KICKSTARTER IN TWO WEEKS (and over $22,000 total!)

OK, first things first, if you’ve never heard of Kickstarter, head on over and check it out before you read the rest of this post. In my opinion, it’s one of the most brilliant websites ever, and it’s completely changed my life. You NEED to know about it!

OK, did you go check it out? Good.

About a month ago, I put together a Kickstarter project to start a line of patterned rain boots. I’ve been working on this idea since February, and it’s my first foray into manufacturing a product. (Up to this point I’ve made everything by hand, as I’m sure many of you can relate to!) When my project got accepted, I got busy recording a video (with the help of a great friend), setting my rewards, writing a project description, and designing images to use within the project. And after a few days of hard work, I was ready to push the ‘publish’ button! I hesitated about one thing, though: I was trying to raise $18,000. (more…)

The Culture of Craft


Like most crafters, you probably sit at home by yourself and work really hard to make a good quality product which you later sell online on Etsy or at a craft fair. It gets kind of boring sitting all by yourself, so you take a break from time to time and jump on the computer, and where do you go? Facebook? Twitter? Blog hopping? Where you spend your time online tells a lot about the community you belong to online. If many of your Facebook friends are fellow crafters, or if your blog hop brings you here to Handmade Success (or any number of craft blogs) then you are probably part of the indie craft community.