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The Complete Etsy Kit 5th Edition is Live!



Hooray!!! It’s here!!! I am so excited to introduce you to The Complete Etsy Kit 5th Edition! It has been almost 3 years since the last update so this is practically a whole new kit. It has a new look, new format, new links, new tips plus new printable worksheets (Social Media Checklist and Weekly To Do List) that coordinate with the kit! All of the kits that used to be separate are now available in one ebook. 78 pages to be exact! This newly updated kit has all of the kits shown in the photo below including 2 new sections: Etsy Extras and Resources!




Want more sales and traffic to your Etsy shop? I tell you how! Wonder what top sellers are doing to get all of those buyers – day after day? It’s in the Kit! Worried about the new changes to Etsy? Don’t be! Don’t have a clue about SEO? Not a problem! Wish you could create a schedule for social media? I have worksheets for that! Want to create a press kit? I got you covered! Overwhelmed by all of the advice and opinions about marketing your craft business and looking for some concise advice? You are in the right place!

Selling your work somewhere other than Etsy and want to know if this kit will help you? It will! Do you have questions about The Etsy Kit? Email me and I will be happy to chat with you about your small business!

Over 4,000 thrilled customers have used this kit to find their own paths to Etsy success. Now you can benefit from my long hours of research and years of experience by putting it to work in your own shop!


I have been a busy little bee taking into consideration all of the changes that have happened online and in the craft marketplace during recent years to make this new kit absolutely invaluable to you! I have also bundled this new kit with The Etsy Business Planner and Rejuvenate + Create: self care for creatives so you can save a bit of money buying them together. Coordinating To Do lists will be arriving in the shop next week!

A new thing I would like to do is get to know those of you that use these kits and share your story on the blog! I will be launching Handmade Success Stories this year for all of those interested in sharing how these kits have helped their businesses grow. So be sure to keep in touch with me and remember that I am more than happy to answer any questions. Thank you all for your continued support and know that I think you are the best!

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Etsy’s Going Public Plus a Free Mini-Course For You!


Happy Friday! Did you hear all the talk this week about Etsy going public? If not, you can read articles on both Bloomberg,  Time and Mashable. I am curious to know your reaction to this? I have heard buzz all over the internet from anger, tentative excitement and someone who just said that they wished they started Etsy. Haha!

I am about to release the 5th Edition of The Etsy Kit so talk about Etsy is giving me a lot to think about. Some people are very successful on there and will not feel threatened while others are worried that they will get buried even more. I read a quote from Marlo Miyashiro that said “what makes shareholders happy – more revenue, right? More revenue means that there are more buyers buying stuff…and isn’t that ultimately what we all want / need?” I like her positive take on the matter. My husband who is finance also agreed that he wished he started Etsy but also said that lots of good will come with the bad that people fear. Honestly, I meet people all of the time who have never heard of Etsy. If this could be a way for more people to discover places to buy handmade then I believe that is a positive change. I also think more sellers will like the control and autonomy of creating a presence outside of Etsy too.

As for The Etsy Kit, I am thrilled that it is filled with tips to help a seller stand out in such a large marketplace including the recent changes. I am glad that it also helps people navigate creating a public persona for their brand and tips for having their own website. It was originally created to help makers serious about growing their business and will still enable them to do that in the current environment.

Speaking of The Etsy Kit, I was approached by some friends to share an upcoming DIY Bundle with you that is filled with ecourses and ebooks. When I saw the lists of items included in the bundle I thought it was the perfect companion for The Etsy Kit. Along with tons of DIY there will also be books on photography, selling at crafts fairs, checklists, and social media advice that will help help you take the info in The Etsy Kit even further in growing your business. The DIY Bundle will go on sale next week and I will be sharing a giveaway that I am a part of but in the meantime you can sign up for this free mini-course, Rediscover Your Creative Side in 4 Simple Steps. I know that we are all creative here but I am looking forward to seeing how this course might freshen my perspective a bit. I believe that sharing the course also helps you possibly win one of the DIY Bundles. Just click the image below if this sounds interesting!

Ultimately, I want to create a space for you to learn, explore, share, grow, connect and expand your horizons as a small business. Since Etsy is growing let’s also focus on how we can grow our businesses and together as a creative community! Enjoy your weekend!

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Your Opinion Wanted: What else is out there besides Etsy?


Hello! Occasionally I receive emails with questions that are just perfect for all of you creatives to help answer. This month’s comes from Cathi:

“What else is out their that is not Etsy?  Unless you pay for your spot to get recognized it is hard. There has to be some other company like Etsy, or  another one like that. It’s just so big. What is your opinion?”

I could just share a list of these site but I know many of you sell on various sites and I would love it if you could share them along with your experience. Plus tips and any responses you might have to this question would be wonderful!

Thanks for being so supportive!


Beginner’s Guide To Selling on Etsy – a really cool interactive infographic!!!


Ooh! I think you are going to love this infographic if you are new to Etsy. Rob from WorldPayZinc got in touch to tell me that our article 5-Step Formula for Writing Handmade Product Descriptions that Sell was part of this guide. WorldPayZinc is a UK-based company that allows you to take secure payments on your mobile phone. Rob said that they got to thinking about who would be using their product and artists came to mind so they created an interactive infographic called Beginner’s Guide To Selling on Etsy.  They describe it as “A straight-forward guide to selling on Etsy. We guide you through the process step-by-step with links to great resources to help you on your way.” The guide is well designed and links to pertinent articles from various resources such as the Etsy blog, Design Sponge and our site.

Have fun clicking through!

Editor’s note: This is not an affiliate post. I just wanted to share this neat guide with you!

4 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your Customers Without Violating Etsy’s Terms of Use

paperballoonHot Air Balloon Garland Kit from Especially Paper

Getting a current customer to buy again is way easier than getting a new customer.  And happy customers are the best marketers by far.

But how exactly do you get that repeat business? How do you get your customers to remember you when they need to buy a gift (ahem … the holidays!) or a friend asks them for a recommendation for the exact product you sell?

Send them emails! Like your Facebook page! Follow you on twitter and pinterest! Right?

Well, it’s a bit more complicated than that. This area of marketing is quite regulated. Etsy’s terms of use do not allow sellers to contact customers for “sending unsolicited advertising or promotions or ‘spam.'” In the US, the CAN-SPAM Act makes it illegal to send promotional email without allowing a user to Opt-In.

What does all that mean? Basically, it means that unless someone gives you their email and says you can send them promotions, you can only email (or send an Etsy Conversation) about a specific order.

Never fear, though. I’m here to give you 4 concrete ways to keep the conversation with your customers going!

Before we begin there are two things you need to market to your existing customers.

1. You need an emailing list. Email marketing sites make this super easy and include forms and links. They let you email a bunch of people at once and customize the email with images and a template. I am a big fan (and user) of Mailchimp, because it’s easy to use and free to get started.  Plus, Mailchimp shares silly links and videos! You can also check out Emma, Constant Contact, or iContact.

2. A Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest account. I know it seems silly to some, but social networking can be a great way to easily interact with customers and remind them about your business.

Ok. Let’s get talking! Here are my 4 tips for staying in touch with your customers to promote repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing. And, really, who doesn’t want those?

1. Ask them to join your mailing list after purchase and before delivery

You probably send them an email confirming the order, right? If so, now’s the time to ask for their email, like, or follow. If you dont ask, you definitley won’t get it.

However, it’s important to remember that at this point in the transaction, you are an unknown to the buyer. Yes, they purchased from you, but they have no item to love and no wonderful relationship.

You need to give them a reason to join your mailing list. The reason should be compelling to a first time buyer.

A reason such as:

* Free shipping! Let them know that you will refund their shipping charge if they join your mailing list.
* Is there a complimentary item you could give them a discount on? i.e. If they purchased a necklace, are there earrings or a bracelet they could add for 40% off?
* What about a $5 Amazon gift card? You should think outside the box here.  Remember, the  ability to re-market to an audience who already loves your product is incredibly valuable.

You may need to experiment with different offerings. Different types of customers (new vs. repeat, high vs. low priced item) may respond better to different incentives. Experiment until you find what works for you and your business.

Don’t forget to tell them what they will hear about on your mailing list: new items, sales, exclusive discounts.

2. Follow them on Twitter

Try googling their Etsy name and email address to find them.

Note that Twitter and Pinterest are really the only social networks where it is acceptable to follow people you don’t know personally. Don’t try this on Facebook!

Once you’ve followed them, add them to a Twitter List. That way you can go to Twitter, click on your list and see only what your customers are saying. 

You should respond to their tweets – in a personal, authentic way. You should not tweet at them with promotions and discounts and new items. Twitter is about having a conversation.

This technique can also work on Pinterest, but is a little more challenging as you’ll need to keep track of your customers Pinterest name separately. That said, it’s probably worth setting aside 5 minutes of your time on Pinterest or some time each month to check out the pins of your customers.

Remember to always treat your interactions with customers on social media as you would a friend (not a used car salesman). Did a customer tweet or pin about redecorating their office? Respond with a tip of your own!

3. Send a QR code and a link to your mailing list sign up in every order

What’s a QR code? It’s that black and white square digital thingy that you see everywhere. Someone can scan it with their smart phone (using one of many apps) and their phone will go directly to what ever link you specify.

I love MOO cards for this — you can create a business card with you brand AND create a QR card to display right on it.

Kaywa, Scan, and Esponse will all create a QR code image for you to add anywhere.

Don’t forget to also include the link itself – not everyone has smart phones or knows about QR codes. Try using to create a short link that is easy for your customer to type into their browser.

Make sure you give them a reason (see #1) to join your mailing list and tell them what they will get in the emails. In this case — post purchase — they have received their amazing, wonderful item and it’s top of their mind, so general discounts on their next purchase should be really effective here.

4. Follow up when sending your item and after the estimated arrival date

Because you are writing about a specific order, this is OK. But no more emails after this unless they join your list!

Make sure that every email you send includes a link to join your mailing list and links to your social networking sites and website. Let them know how to contact you!

When you’ve sent an item, email with the tracking number (if you can) and an estimated arrival date. Then let them know that you’d love their feedback and can join your mailing list for more updates and specials. Keep it simple and grateful.

When following up after the estimated arrival date, ask if everything got there OK and if the item met their expectations.

This is the best time to ask for a testimonial. Testimonials are the best forms of marketing. Ask for photos of them using/wearing the item. Show them that you care about how they use the item. Many people will not respond, but those who will will give you wonderful things to share with current and potential customers.

What are your tips for getting your customers to engage with your brand, remember you, and follow up? Have any of these worked for you?


Rebecca Miller-Webster – Patterned

Rebecca Miller-Webster is the maker of Patterned, an online customer communication hub for creative businesses.  Rebecca has been involved in the handmade community since the early days of Etsy and has seen it from the perspective of a buyer, seller, blogger, and advertiser.  Rebecca enjoys making jewelry, ribbon work, and music.  However, her favorite thing to make is software to help people and make their lives better! Rebecca lives in Queens, NY with her Buffy-loving, baseball-obsessed husband, crazy black pug, and sweetest little rescue dog.