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custom work

Do You Offer Custom Work?

Almost all of my copywriting clients are from the independent lingerie industry these days, so I spend lots of time on Twitter talking about, well, underwear. I was doing just this the other day, and mentioned a pair of strawberry print panties* that I had bought. I’d wanted them in a high waist version, and the Etsy designer had nicely offered to make them for me. I mentioned this casually, when another lingerie blogger friend jumped into the conversation practically salivating at the idea of high waisted strawberry panties. I’m assuming she then disappeared to order a pair. Keep in mind that these panties didn’t exist on the designer’s Etsy site, but she was willing to make them anyway. So, what can we learn from this bizarre social media tale?

  1. Nothing is off limits for lingerie reviewers on social media.
  2. Strawberry print panties are the hot new thing for summer.
  3. Letting people know you do custom work creates extra sales for handmade sellers.

It’s the third point that we’re going to focus on today. (more…)

How to Use Your Website to Encourage Custom Orders (and How to Get Your Customers There From Your Shop)

Most of my clients have extensive product lines, but they all really want to know one thing…

Lollipop Trees Autumn by Eloise Renouf

…how to get more custom orders.

Some clients are inspired by making custom jewelry sets for brides, while others want to be making shirts with squids on them. Some of them just want to be able to sell bigger paintings, and feel like using a third party shop sets an unspoken price limit.

If any of this sounds like you, read on! Today I’m going to give you some tips to encourage people to make customer orders, and help explain why someone does or doesn’t go the custom route. (more…)