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Getting Honest About Money


I mentioned to everyone that I bought the Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks from Leonie Dawson this year. Last week I worked on the money part for 2013. Today I wanted to share a bit about what I learned.

In the workbook I was asked to tally all of the money I made in 2013. I did this. My first reaction to the final number was a bit of a letdown. Then I subtracted my expenses and that original number became even smaller. Leonie instructs to look at this as just a number and to not be too tied to it.

I took some deep breaths. Paused. Took a look at my income sources for last year and started to become happier. Even excited. Let me explain.

This time last year I had just moved from Chicago back to my home state of Arizona. I obviously dropped all of my yoga classes in Chicago and was working on this blog a couple of hours a week. If I had done nothing from that point forward, taken no risks, not put myself out there in some vulnerable ways that number that at first let me down would have been even smaller. I also would not have the new friends I have made and the new experiences I have had.

– I started working with Artisan Markets by helping out with Small Business Saturday, wrapping presents for the holiday season and starting a blog for their website. The founder, Audrey, has become a dear friend and have have bought many lovely handmade gifts from the vendors. I wanted to work more with the local handmade community and now I am doing that.

– I started teaching yoga at Funke Yoga, a new yoga studio in my neighborhood. The owner wanted a website and I helped set the whole thing up. I also created flyers and coupons for the studio. Trust me, this is something I NEVER would I have thought I could do about 3 years ago 🙂 Helping with the site and teaching there has brought me closer to the owner, Mara, and I now have her as a new friend.

– I began hosting Yoga + Craft Workshops in my home over the summer. This is something I dreamed about in Chicago and was so happy to have the space to do it in my new home here in AZ. These have been a great way to share yoga and create community by crafting. I am actually going to also start these workshops at Funke Yoga next month.

– I launched the Shop Local Directory on here. I love discovering small shops that sell work from local artists and have so many ideas to grow this directory. The money made so far is going to go back into advertising but once again this was me taking a risk to create something I believe in.

– I contributed to Lisa Jacobs and Handmadeology’s Build A Better Business E-course this last fall. This took me pushing past a lot of doubt and it was so worth it!

– I opened an Etsy shop and made a sale! I didn’t announce the shop because I was hoping to add some more designs before I did. When I found out I had a sale it made me realize that sometimes it might be better just to share what you have created instead of waiting for it to be perfect. Now I am thinking about doing a giveaway here from my shop 🙂

Now not everything I have done in the last year has worked out. I started teaching a yoga classes that were over 45 minutes away from me twice a week. I decided to give up the classes after 3 months. I did learn to discover a new type of yoga that I love (Yin Yoga).

After feeling a little letdown about my income for 2013 I was able to look back on the year confidently and happily.

– I was able to spend a lot of time with my two little boys and help them adjust after our move.

– I followed my heart

– I made new connections

– I discovered what I don’t want to spend time doing

– I created new income sources

– I learned to combine my interests in yoga and handmade

The reason I wanted to share this with you was to give you the opportunity to look back on your income from 2013 in a positive light. Whether you struggled or soared I am sure you learned a lot about yourself and your business. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to write down what worked and what didn’t; what you enjoyed and what you didn’t; where you made money and where you lost it; and how these experiences made you feel.

I feel that 2013 was successful for me in ways that I didn’t even anticipate. This year I plan on creating goals and getting a bit more serious about what I want to create in relation to my business and income.

Here’s to us learning from 2013 and creating new opportunities in 2014!!!

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