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Joining the Conversation with your Ideal Customer using Facebook Ads

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You may have heard that Facebook is a great free marketing tool. With just about everyone and their dog spending so much time on there – it is a great space for interacting with your clients and prospective clients. Think of it as a tool for joining the conversation your market is currently having and being part of that community.

But if you feel like your current Fanpage Like count is on the low side – there may not be a great deal of interaction going on right now.

Enter Facebook Ads – specifically Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook ads offer an amazing way for micro-businesses to get in front of prospective clients in a way that has never been available to such small businesses before.

The ads you see in the right side bar of Facebook (the ones owned by savvy biz owners at least) are being delivered to you based on the very personalised information that Facebook keeps about you. That’s right they are targeted to you with what can be super niche arrow.

So if you’re looking to build your Fanbase – dive in and start using Facebook Ads to build Likes from your Ideal Customer.

What do you need to get started?

  • A Facebook Fanpage that is published (if you’re still hovering over the publish button letting your reservations get the better of you – in the words of Jackson Brown ‘Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor’)
  • A description of your Ideal Customer that you want your ads to appear in front of (this is one of the most powerful features of Facebook Ads – so if you get this right you will have an audience dying to pay for your goodies) – if you’re having trouble with customer targeting there is an article on my site that helps you
  • A small graphic to use for your ad – studies have found that peeps are most likely to ‘Like’ an ad with a lady smiling at them (not sure of the consumer psychology behind this but no doubt there is loads of it) – so don’t just rely on using your logo
  • A little budget – yes, you can get started with as little as $1 but you are not going to get too much for that. Think of something like $5 a day for a week to get a feel for some results.

Let’s look at the Steps to building your first Fanpage Ad

Login to Facebook

From your personal page you will see in the menu down the left hand side ‘Ads Manager’ – click on this one

Choose your Fanpage here (there are other methods for setting up ads but this post is concentrating on getting more Likes for your Fanpage)

Now we’re in the Ad Building wizard

We choose ‘Get more Likes’ option

Here you can see we’re able to build up the components of the ad

Add in your Headline – something genuinely eye catching – note the character limit

Next add in your wording. Again you’re very limited by the amount of characters you can use here – so it’s all about having a concise call to action.

Bring in your picture for your Ad – check it looks right when imported in

Landing Page – this is where the Facebook user will land when they click on your Ad. If you have set up specialised tabs you could have them land on your Mailing List sign up page Tab or a Special offer Tab you’re running. If you don’t have specialised tabs then you just want them to land on the your Timeline (Hint, Make the most of Sticky Posts while you’re running your ad to put important information at the top of your Timeline – so when they land there, they see your message)

Next, we come down to Sponsored Stories. The Facebook Ads gurus tell me that these types of ads are the most powerful ads on Facebook. And as Facebook wants your ads to work well – they have kindly left this option ticked for you. Leave it ticked unless you have a compelling reason not to.

Now we get down to the sweet spot – the Targeting options. So make sure you have your ‘ideal customer’ profile handy.

Location – I would strongly advise you choose at the very least your own country. People feel comfortable supporting local businesses. So go local then think about taking on the world.

You are also able to choose Age and Gender – again I would advise using these options to ensure that the Fanbase you build is your ‘ideal customer’ base.

Next, we come to Interests

Precise Interests – These are pulled from people’s whole Facebook account so they could have them listed as interests, education, employment or pages they’ve liked

Broad Interests – Pre-defined categories again pulled from anything on people’s Facebook accounts

Custom Audiences – Super powerful new tool that you need to configure before being able to use it – if you have any existing email list – this is worth investigating

Connections – The options here are – Anyone, Only people Not connected to, Advanced Connection Targeting – this can be used to target only people who specifically like a Facebook page eg. Your competitor OR someone that you’ve recently had a strategic partnership with

Friends of connection – this is the same as previous except it will target the Friends of people who like eg. Your Competition

Onto ‘Advanced Targeting’ Options – which allow even more fine tuning of your ‘Ideal Customer’ base.  These are some of the options you can choose here: Interested in – All, Men, Women; Relationship Status – Eg. Married; Languages; Education – College Grad; Workplaces

To help you along – if we look over to the right – as we refine each option our ‘Audience’ number gets smaller. So yes, less people the ad goes to, but more targeted prospects Like your page. It also shows a summary of your targeting options, in case you’re gotten lost with all the options you’re configuring.

Finally we come to Campaign pricing & schedule

New Campaign Name – Use something significant that you will be able to identify in the future – include something to jolt your memory, not just ‘First Campaign’ put in some description of the options that you’ve selected here.

Campaign Budget – choose the amount you want to spend – and whether that is Per Day or Ever (Life-time budget). Per day will allocate the amount you choose eg. $5 every day, Life-time will only ever allocate $5 to the campaign and once that is gone campaign ends

Campaign Schedule – Defaults to Start Campaign today – if you uncheck the box you can select start and ends dates. Useful if you have a special promo coming up eg. Summer Specials

Place Order – if you haven’t run any ads before Facebook will prompt you to give them some payment details eg. Paypal or credit card. Otherwise the Ad will get reviewed – to check it follows their guidelines. Then they notify you when it is running.

TIP: If you’re not sure of any option within the Ad building page here – click on the little question mark – Facebook gives a great little summary of what each of their options means and they usually give a link to further more detailed information you can read.

In summary, little businesses that have used Facebook Ads to build a targeted Fanbase – are getting results using Facebook for their marketing. They have built an audience that is primed to purchase from them. Businesses that have used ‘Like Ladders’ or other similar techniques – have a Fanbase that is diluted and find that their Facebook marketing efforts are not as effective.

If you want to make sure you are getting the most from your Fanpage before you start paying for Facebook Ads – grab my FREE – Fanpage Beyond the Basics Audit – to see how your page measures up.

I would love to hear how you have used Facebook Ads to build your Fanbase, let me know in the comments below.


 Orissa Feeney — Orissa Feeney

Having spent 15 years in technology and marketing, either as a big cog in a small wheel or a small cog in a big one, Orissa decided when it came time to run her own business she got the biggest kick out of helping little biz ladies get their sh*t together online.

She provides coaching to help you learn how to do it yourself and also implementation for those times when you’re ready to outsource and concentrate on what you do best.

Whether its a website, blog, email marketing or connecting any of that techie stuff together she can help you get it from an idea buzzing in your head to online making you look awesome.

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