So our last post from Cassie talked about starting before you are ready in different aspects of your business.

Did it excite you and spur you into action?

Or scare you a bit and make you feel overwhelmed?

Or both?

If you answered yes to the any of those then let’s take moment to hit the reset button.

Today I want to share a simple way to increase your positive energy when moving forward into new territory.

First, let’s get you into the right frame of mind. If your mind is swirling with thoughts of all of things you have to do let’s get you back to the present moment with a simple breathing exercise.

Taking time to focus on taking deep breaths has the power to dramatically shift your life in a positive way. Breathing exercises can help you get rid of negative energy, give you energy, relax you, shift your perspective, and help you feel better about yourself. Counting the breath helps quiet your mind. This is a huge bonus as a creative entrepreneur!

This is called the 4-2-4-2 Breath

The exercise I am going to show you can easily be done anywhere. It can be particulary helpful to do this before you start working for the day, when you are done working for the day, and also at the end of your day.

Now say the affirmation below out loud.

“Even though I do not feel ready to start ________________________. I trust that the universe will support me and the next right steps will appear.”

Next, write down any ideas that pop into your head about the next steps to take or what area you want to focus on. Continue to notice ideas and signs that relate to moving forward in this direction. Tune into your intuition. You’ll know if something is not right for you or your business.

Some of you might want to make this a daily process so we made the image above a free printable that you can download and hang up as reminder. Feel free to edit the affirmation or even use one of the ones from our Using Positive Affirmations in your Business mini-kit!!!

Share below how this breath made you feel in the comments. Also, let us know what you are ready to start before you are ready!

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