Imagine an archer placing their arrow in their bow then slowly drawing the arrow back. Focused on their target, the arrow is released forward towards the target. That arrow cannot fly forward without first slowing down and moving backwards. This workshop is going to enable you to slow down, focus and then aim for your dreams.

Slow down.  

In this afternoon event, Jena CorayBettie Newell and Kerry Burki will be giving you tools to to discover your strengths and weaknesses and help you use them to grow your business.
Often we find ourselves racing towards our goals and not always taking the time to see how far we have already come. Our frantic path prevents us from learning from our mistakes, being happy with where we are right now, and getting clear on where we want to go.
This workshop will teach you:
  • simple yoga moves + stretches that you can incorporate into your daily routine
  • about how slowing down + stretching can help you and your business
  • how to release tension + stress

Enjoy the present.

By slowing down, writing down your experiences and also sharing with others you will be able to create a one page business plan that can guide your business.
We will use interactive worksheets, discussion and gentle yoga poses to assist you in:
  • discovering what has worked for your business in the past + what could be changed
  • getting clarity on what your business is + finding happiness in the present stage your business is in
  • envisioning the future of your business + using your past + present experiences to get you there
Each attendee will also receive a pdf of version of the yoga routines, worksheets and business plan so that they can be used over and over again.
In this workshop we will also provide support, a caring environment, opportunity for networking, light snacks and refreshments.
Bettie, Jena and Kerry have been helping creatives independently for years and have all been a part of contributing to Handmade Success for the past 3 years. They are very excited to be coming together to offer this unique business event for you in the heart of Portland.

Move forward.

Our hope is that each participant will leave this workshop with
  • tips and ideas for creating a simple + dynamic business plan to guide them into the future
  • a sense of relaxation + stress relief from performing simple poses + hearing stories from like-minded individuals
  • connections and support from fellow participants + presenters
  • tools to continue to keep their business fresh + goal-oriented
  • knowledge of some gentle yoga poses that can relax + invigorate at any time of the day
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Ready to sign up? This 4 hour workshop is only $65!



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Jena Coray is a writer, teacher, marketing maven and serial entrepreneur who sums it all up by calling herself a “mojo maker”. Through her blog and newsletter, e-books and one-on-one consults, she helps creative entrepreneurs gain confidence and know-how in self-promotion and overcome the self-doubt & fear that often stands in the their way. When she’s not behind the computer, she’s probably singing at the piano, or digging in the garden, playing with tarot cards or checking the moon phases, watching bad tv with a cat in her lap or eating chimichangas with her awesome, creative mister.

bettie head small

Bettie Newell is a business lawyer and lifestyle photographer living in Portland, Oregon. An avid thrift shopper since she was 15 years old, Bettie loves all things vintage, red and polka dotted. She has two beautiful, sassy daughters, two tiny, ridiculous dogs, a small flock of urban chickens and one incredibly patient and supportive husband. With one half of her professional life, Bettie counsels businesses ranging from solo creative ventures to large corporations on all issues from start-up to dissolution. She spends the balance of her work time shooting portrait sessions (and the occasional wedding) with an emphasis on real moments and unique stories. You can visit her at


Kerry Burki is a handmade advocate and yoga teacher. She has spent the past 3 1/2 years supporting the handmade community as the editor of Handmade Success. Before that she worked with creatives through Waste Not Paper and Green Paper Company. All along she has worked with helping people relax, reduce stress and feel good about themselves through yoga. She recently started working one-on-one with small business owners using her knowledge of blogging, social media and websites along with yoga and self-care to help them grow their business. Learn more at



Maker’s Nation arms creative entrepreneurs with key business skills and helps them build a strong community they need to thrive in the creative economy.

As makers and doers, we tend to isolate ourselves in our studios and workspaces and hide behind our computers. And when we try to handle every aspect of our business on our own, we tend to do more harm than good.

Our answer to this common problem? A robust community support network of like-minded individuals along with a platform on which to learn and develop business skills that will allow you to further your professional goals. There’s power in spending time with peers face to face in real life, and we believe you’ll be a better business owner for it.


Handmade Success is a place where creatives are supported and celebrated! This whole site has been created for creative entrepreneurs and all of those who love handmade! You will find tons of advice, inspiration, practical how to’s for your business and/or your creative endeavors. You will also find amazing handmade shops and resources!




Museum of Contemporary Craft is a vibrant center for investigation and dialogue that helps expand the definition and exploration of craft. Through dynamic exhibitions and provocative public programming, supported by the Museum’s collection and archives, the Museum advances the conversation on the role of craft and design in contemporary culture while at the same time honoring the history of the studio craft movement.


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