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Top 20 Etsy Sellers

I just stumbled upon a pretty neat new site for Etsy and Artfire sellers called yaami handmade. In addition to hosting a handmade market, directory, and providing some useful tools, yammi also provides an up-to-date list of the twenty top Etsy sellers.

You may have seen this list before. Have you noticed that is comprised almost completely of Etsy suppliers? I would like to see a list of top handmade sellers, has anyone seen a list like this?

My question to you – have you ever thought about adding supplies to your shop or creating a sister shop for supplies? I know some of you have already done this, do you have any advice or tips to share?

The Etsy 30 Minute Social Networking Kit

I am so very excited to announce the release of my newest Etsy marketing guide. I wrote this one for all of you who are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of time marketing your Etsy shop takes. This guide lays out a practical and methodical system for organizing your social networking efforts. And, are you ready for the best part?? This guide is FREE! I wanted to share this with you as a special thank you to all of the wonderful customers and friends I have made over the past year. Your comments, emails, and posts are all so inspiring, and you all make such beautiful work. I am truly in awe of your talents!

You can download The Etsy 30 Minute Social Networking Kit right now! If you like my site, the guide or both, please help me spread the word about this free guide by sharing it on your Facebook page, blog, or email using the “share” button below or just by including a link. Thanks so much!

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Shhhh… SECRET Etsy Tips

This morning I wanted to point you over to a really great Etsy forum thread started by Etsy seller mikiep. It has been going on for over a year and is chock full of interesting tips, secrets, and ideas from tons of Etsy sellers. I like to check it out once in a while to see what new things people are posting. Enjoy!

{{surf and turf necklace by Etsy seller Jape!}}

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we have a winner!

Congratulations to Ariela who will win one of The Accounting Spot‘s fantastic accounting spreadsheets! Thanks again to Holly for a great giveaway!

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3 Ideas for Attention Grabbing Headlines

If you want to tweak your headlines a bit to see if you get more views, I have some examples of time-tested strategies for you to try. Each of these has been used in advertising for years.

1. A testimonial in your headline. This is a simple and effective way to create an emotional response to an item. “my favorite fall outfit”, “my child will play with this for hours”. This would work especially well if you had a model in the picture your item.

2. A “how-to” message is also a great way to get people to click on your item. Examples: “update your fall look with this one easy piece”, “get the baby gift that every mom wants”. These headlines solve a customer’s problem and speak directly to your target audience.

3. Ask a question to your audience. Examples: “are you looking for safe toys for your children?”, “are you tired of soap that dries out your skin?”. Again, you are addressing a customer’s problem and letting them know that the solution lies inside your product description.

Once you have implemented these strategies, don’t forget to carry the message throughout the rest of your description. If you decide to try this out, post a link in the comments section below so that we can all see!

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