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Right about now, you’re focused on the holidays.  You’re concerned with having enough inventory and energy to get through the holidays, and there isn’t a whole lot of time left for worrying about 2013.  The thing is, January follows December, and your store could look be utterly abandoned and penniless if you don’t plan ahead.

To prevent tumbleweed from taking over your online storefront come 2013, follow these simple steps while creating your holiday marketing materials.

Include a killer coupon with each purchase.

This is a great way to encourage repeat business, as the coupon is only given to people who are already buying from you.  By creating a clear and specific offer that is only valid during the month of January, you’ll keep traffic and income flowing to your storefront.

For example:

– 30% off a category of items (all knitwear, all jewelry, all earrings, all Harry-Potter-themed items)

– 50% off all holiday items

– $x off customization of a product

– $xx off a custom order of any kind

If coupons aren’t your thing, create a fantastic bonus with each purchase made in January.

Slip a postcard outlining bonus details and dates into each order you ship between now and December 31st.

If you’ve got extra scarves lying around and want to sell more mitten and scarf sets — the easiest solution is to make the scarf a bonus for buying a pair of mittens.  Likewise, if you’re selling custom cards for the holidays, encourage the purchase of birthday and anniversary cards with a ‘buy 3, get 1 free’ January campaign.

If it’s services you offer, a 15-minute bonus for anyone booking an hourly consultation or session can work wonders for filling your calendar.

Tease your clients with a new product or service.

If you don’t want to offer coupons or bonuses, tease your clients with hints about what’s to come!  Launch a new product or service in January to garner traffic, build buzz, and keep your clients interested in your shop after the holidays have passed.  A quick postcard designed to pique curiosity can be stuffed into all your holiday orders, and will be working to keep your peeps excited about your shop with minimal effort.

Remember: it’s easier to worry about January right now than it is to panic when the new year hits!  The simple actions outlined here can work wonders for your cashflow in the coming year.

Kristen Kalp — Brand Camp

Kristen Kalp is a (ghost)writer who believes people should have fun being in business.  She blogs at Brand Camp for like-minded folks.

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  1. i love the coupon idea! i usually hand out coupon at craft fairs, but i think i will do a larger discount for specific dates. thanks!

  2. What fantastic ideas! I will be away for most of the December and I was actually wondering how to woo my customers back and that too when my shop will be on vacation mode! Thank you for the wonderful ideas. I know how to be back on track when I am back in January!

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