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Come share how you view handmade success in your life, in your business and in your projects. Get ready to inspire and be inspired!

Being successful is something we know other people are capable of but it is rarely a fact we apply to ourselves. It is a qualification we give from the image they reflect. Mostly online, the impression other craftsellers and entrepreneurs send is really made by us. From what we see and read, we think they are successful. We actually make them successful: by offering them our trust in their work (if we buy it or even just recommend it to our friends) or by considering their followers on social media as an indicator of success. Mainly we consider figures as a proof of success. Social media is therefore playing a huge role in this consideration: the number of followers, likes and comments one business shows can only be a sign of success and popularity. Audience statistics for a blog/website, sales figures or even favorites (for a shop on Etsy) are also other elements we tend to use to measure success.

Measuring success with numbers is a rational way to define it but as we all know: figures can be cheated and life can’t be summed up by it. Success should be approached with emotions and feelings. It is the result of continuous efforts and hard work. It is above all PERSONAL. Every body should therefore have their own definition of the word. What is success about for me? The answer won’t come with numbers but with hope. Running your own business is actually a huge success: you are achieving something other people are not capable of. Without trying to compare yourself with others, look at what makes you successful: what did you manage to achieve? All of that is your success!

We tend to think that others give success: music lovers will make singers successful by buying their albums, but without the artist, his work and creativity, his success couldn’t happen. So we could see the success as a combo of both: the meeting between the entrepreneur’s work and her/his audience. Sharing with others, exposing ourselves to the world, trying and failing with them could actually be the key to success.

This whole (and small) explanation could be seen as very philosophical, and really yes it is. Success is an idea and not a fact after all. But bear in mind that success won’t make you happy. Happiness is on the other hand what success should be about. So now what is happiness according to you?


Sophie Chapman — Ma Petite Valisette

Sophie Chapman lives in Normandy and has graduated 10 years ago from business school. As a mother of 3 franco-english kids (8y, 6y & 2 months old) and with a husband that travels a lot, Sophie decided to work from home by launching her online business. She worked at a famous Parisian ad agency before she became a professional trainer.

She now offers online courses for female entrepreneurs and craft sellers. You can find different downloads in her shop and you can also subscribe for online trainings and online entrepreneurship workshops. Most recently she also co-published a business book for french craft sellers. It was the first book in the french market that covered this topic.