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This is a guest post by Meredith Keller of Smaller Box.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best and most popular ways to market your website.
SEO is a two part process. The first part involves optimizing your site for keywords. Your goal is to
optimize for words that people are likely to enter into a search engine when they are looking to buy
the kind of products you sell. The other part is building links to your site. Search engines want to send
their users to sites that are well-established and links are part of how they determine if a site is well-
established. So, of course, you want to build links.

Before you start, it’s a good idea to see where you currently are, and that’s where Open Site Explorer comes in. Simply enter your URL into the box and Open Site Explorer will tell you about how many links your site currently has (won’t be 100% accurate, but will be a pretty good estimate) and it will tell you what the highest authority sites linking to you are.

This tool is cool for two reasons:

1. You can use it to see where your link building efforts currently are.
2. You can use it to see where your competitors are getting links. Simply enter your competitors’
URLs into the box and see where they’ve gotten links. Chances are if those sites linked your
competitors they’ll probably link to you.

Open Site Explorer can also tell you what the most linked pages on your site are (might give you ideas
about which content was successful so you can create more content like it and get more links) and it
will tell you what anchor text is most commonly associated with links to your site. (Search engines rely
on this information a little to decide what keywords go with your links. Though your on-page SEO also
plays a role.)

So go check out your site, and some of your competitors, and see what you can do to start improving
your SEO today.

You can read more articles on marketing, branding, public relations, search engine optimization,
product packaging, and other topics of interest to online small business over at Meredith’s site Smaller Box.

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