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Tap That: Finding Your Business Groove with the Best Kind of Motivation

In Motion
An excerpt from Tara Gentile’s digital coaching program, The Art of Action.

Why do you do what you do?

It’s a fundamental question. All of our reasons are slightly different. Our motivations come from many sources.

What motivates you to work?

My initial motivation was 6lbs, 8 ounces.

I created my business because I desperately wanted to stay home with my daughter after she was born. I couldn’t bare the idea of going back to work. For me, it was almost a question of survival.

But when my business grew to the point where it was no longer a part-time venture, I needed to make a decision whether I would continue to grow or back off. That decision was fueled by a different kind of desperation. I made that choice based on a fiery internal motivation that would not be smothered.

It wasn’t enough to sell a few products here or have a nice blog over there. I needed to create something that would fully serve my tribe and deeply challenge their perspective.

That need still burns in my belly.

It keeps me waking up before the rest of my family, it keeps me working late, it keeps me making hard decisions, it keeps me on the phone & at the computer – it even helps me make dollars & cents decisions.

My motivation to serve my people has created a business that brought in over $100,000 in the last 12 months.

Understanding your motivation helps you understand your business and its needs. (more…)

Engaging Your Customers with Email Marketing

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Here’s an important question for you: When you set up at a craft fair to sell your products do you collect the email addresses of your customers and potential customers? What about of the customers who place orders online? How do you stay in touch with them after a sale? If you aren’t regularly touching base with your customers through direct email marketing, then you are missing out on the opportunity to build a relationship with your customers and gain repeat business throughout the year.

Many crafters think that having an email newsletter isn’t worth the time if they do not have the names of thousands of people to email. This is simply not true. When I first started my email newsletter, I had about 25 people on my list. They were all my closest friends and some family, but I was ok with that and they were all ok with being my test subjects. Over the last year and a half, my list has grown from the small 25 friends to over 600 people. With one simple email, I can now reach out to 600 people. If I add the link to the newsletter on my Facebook- well, there’s another 600+ people. Tweet it? Another 600+. So, with one email I can quickly update and reach out to over 1,800 people and let them know what is going on with Sunday Afternoon Housewife. To me, that is worth every minute. (more…)

Cool Tool: Open Site Explorer

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This is a guest post by Meredith Keller of Smaller Box.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best and most popular ways to market your website.
SEO is a two part process. The first part involves optimizing your site for keywords. Your goal is to
optimize for words that people are likely to enter into a search engine when they are looking to buy
the kind of products you sell. The other part is building links to your site. Search engines want to send
their users to sites that are well-established and links are part of how they determine if a site is well-
established. So, of course, you want to build links.

Before you start, it’s a good idea to see where you currently are, and that’s where Open Site Explorer comes in. Simply enter your URL into the box and Open Site Explorer will tell you about how many links your site currently has (won’t be 100% accurate, but will be a pretty good estimate) and it will tell you what the highest authority sites linking to you are.

This tool is cool for two reasons: (more…)