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Etsy’s Going Public Plus a Free Mini-Course For You!


Happy Friday! Did you hear all the talk this week about Etsy going public? If not, you can read articles on both Bloomberg,  Time and Mashable. I am curious to know your reaction to this? I have heard buzz all over the internet from anger, tentative excitement and someone who just said that they wished they started Etsy. Haha!

I am about to release the 5th Edition of The Etsy Kit so talk about Etsy is giving me a lot to think about. Some people are very successful on there and will not feel threatened while others are worried that they will get buried even more. I read a quote from Marlo Miyashiro that said “what makes shareholders happy – more revenue, right? More revenue means that there are more buyers buying stuff…and isn’t that ultimately what we all want / need?” I like her positive take on the matter. My husband who is finance also agreed that he wished he started Etsy but also said that lots of good will come with the bad that people fear. Honestly, I meet people all of the time who have never heard of Etsy. If this could be a way for more people to discover places to buy handmade then I believe that is a positive change. I also think more sellers will like the control and autonomy of creating a presence outside of Etsy too.

As for The Etsy Kit, I am thrilled that it is filled with tips to help a seller stand out in such a large marketplace including the recent changes. I am glad that it also helps people navigate creating a public persona for their brand and tips for having their own website. It was originally created to help makers serious about growing their business and will still enable them to do that in the current environment.

Speaking of The Etsy Kit, I was approached by some friends to share an upcoming DIY Bundle with you that is filled with ecourses and ebooks. When I saw the lists of items included in the bundle I thought it was the perfect companion for The Etsy Kit. Along with tons of DIY there will also be books on photography, selling at crafts fairs, checklists, and social media advice that will help help you take the info in The Etsy Kit even further in growing your business. The DIY Bundle will go on sale next week and I will be sharing a giveaway that I am a part of but in the meantime you can sign up for this free mini-course, Rediscover Your Creative Side in 4 Simple Steps. I know that we are all creative here but I am looking forward to seeing how this course might freshen my perspective a bit. I believe that sharing the course also helps you possibly win one of the DIY Bundles. Just click the image below if this sounds interesting!

Ultimately, I want to create a space for you to learn, explore, share, grow, connect and expand your horizons as a small business. Since Etsy is growing let’s also focus on how we can grow our businesses and together as a creative community! Enjoy your weekend!

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Warm Holiday Wishes + Huge Giveaway + Subscribers-Only Goodies!

whwI am wishing all of you warm holiday wishes from the bottom of my heart! I will be taking next week off to spend Christmas with my family and I have a few things I wanted to share with you first:

Subscribers-Only Goodies

– Keep an eye out in your inbox the week after Christmas for a newsletter from me including free worksheets from my Rejuvenate + Create ebook and The Etsy Business Planner! I will also be offering a discount code on both of those items along with a giveaway. Plus, I will be sharing an exercise to help you close out 2014 and focus on making 2015 spectacular! All of this will be for email subscribers only! So excited! Not on the list? Sign up for our emails on the right >>>

5th Edition of The Etsy Kit

– Announcing that the newest edition will be available in January and will include more info on Pinterest and a new Instagram section. Woohoo!

Holiday DIY Projects

– I did these two simple projects with my boys this year and highly recommend them to you!

Decorated Paper Christmas Trees – fun and festive!

Peppermint Bark Pretzels – sooooo yummy!

Huge Giveaway!

– Our contributors, Made Freshly, have created a huge and awesome giveaway for your business! My kits and ebooks will be included plus tons of other goodies to make the prizes total over $1500! Plus, the more you share it the more entries you get. Hooray! The giveaway ends on January 5th and I will remind you about it again in my newsletter. Go here to enter:

1st Annual Holiday Gift Exchange

– It has been so fun seeing photos, reading tweets and connecting with those who participated in this fun event! Be sure to check out the pretty packages by searching the hashtag #HSholidaygift.

Go enjoy your holiday season and I will be in touch so we can start making our 2015 dreams come true together!

Monthly Finds For Your Business

monthlyfindsHi creatives! Can you believe it is November? I am busy preparing for my second craft fair, prepping for some announcements here and also helping promote a local art market. I discovered so many new bloggers and posts recently that I wanted to share them with you.

116 visual content ideas for your biz

– Bam! This infographic from Build A Little Biz should be bookmarked or printed immediately. So helpful especially if you struggle with sharing on social media.

21 Jobs You Don’t Have To Do (EVER)

Betty Means Business will ease some of the stress you are probably carrying around right now with this post. Stop doing these jobs and relax 🙂

11 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business

– Whoa! This post from BlissBombed reads like a crazy whirlwind but hits every nail on the head. So  good!

5 Tips To Successful Visual Presentation At Markets

The Dream Job Shop has a perfect follow up to the last two posts we had here about craft fairs. I will be incorporating these pronto!

Welcome November + free desktop

– Since this post reads like a countdown I thought I would end with 1 pretty desktop from my favorite DIYers, One-O. Enjoy!

If you have read or written something great lately please share in the comments! XO!

Success in 2014: Desktop Wallpaper + Inspiring Links!

success2014smallHappy New Year! I am so excited to embrace 2014!!! This year I am focusing on Handmade Success and my Yoga + Craft Workshops. I have a ton of great things planned on this site for us all to discover our own version of success this year. I am so excited and can’t wait to spend this year growing with you, sharing our stories and supporting each other!

I kept this month’s wallpaper simple and to the point. I thought you might enjoy this burst of encouragement every time you turn on your computer.

1600 x 1200

1680 x 1050

1366 x 768

Here are a few resources I am using to start creating success in 2014:

Thank you so much for helping make 2013 so great! I can’t wait to hear what you are creating for 2014! Share in the comments if you like!!! Big hugs and mucho support coming your way!

p.s. Stay tuned for an announcement of a cool partnership next week!