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Free Accounting Software & Tutorial

If you are like me, business accounting is something that always seems to end up as a bottom priority. We are already heading towards the end of the year, and I have a LOT of catching up to do! I am happy to say that Holly from Accounting Spot comes to the rescue once again! On her fabulous blog, she points out that Quickbooks offers a totally free solution called Simple Start. Holly is offering a free tutorial that walks you through how to set up Quickbooks Simple Start to work with your Etsy shop. I now know what I am doing this weekend 🙂 Thanks Holly!

etsy holiday open house

Looking for a creative holiday marketing idea and a way to find a new audience? What about finding some other local crafters near you, and hosting a Holiday Open House for all of your friends? You could have it at someone’s house, or find a local shop who would also love the traffic. You would all share the cost of light beverages and appetizers and have your work on display. You could advertise it to your friends as a holiday “one-stop-shop” event with the added benefit of supporting local artists and friends. You could use the Etsy shop local tool to find people near you.

Has anyone ever tried this? This really doesn’t just have to been for the holidays. You could do a Valentine’s Open House, a Spring Open House, etc, etc.

(Red hot rose fascinator clip by Sara Peach’s Hair Accessories. Thanks Sara!)