$Did you get your tax refund yet? How do you plan on spending it? Are you putting it back into your business?

How can creative entrepreneurs can use their tax refund to grow their business? What items do you have on your business shopping list?

“Tax refunds are a great way to put some fire under back burner business plans.  And with the average personal return over $3,000 (according to the IRS) people can accomplish quite a bit.  They can also extend a return further with an injection of capital from P2P lending, credit cards or small business financing from Kabbage .

Some projects may include consulting, website upgrade, brick and mortar makeover, POS or tech upgrades, training or seminars, inventory expansion, advertising and marketing, trade show or festival fees…the list goes on.  How might businesses prioritize for the most impact?”

The real reason I want to share this post is to see what you are planning on spending your refund on if it is business related. I think your answers can inspire and help other business owners discover smart ways to invest in themselves.

So are you planning on spending your refund to grow your business?

(this is NOT an affiliate post – I just loved the idea so much I wanted to share and hear from you on this subject)

1 comment on “Business Shopping with a Tax Refund”

  1. Great question! I hadn’t yet mentally allocated the funds to anything business-related for this year because I had already set aside the funds I’d use for conferences, training, etc. for the year.

    My plan is to allocate a percentage of it to next years’ business expenses (I can now plan out what conferences, training, etc. I will attend or subscribe to for 2016), some will go to savings and some will be used for a family vacay.

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