Spring Card Exchange


Is it starting to look like spring by you? I know it snowed in Chicago yesterday and it is actually starting to feel like summer here in Arizona. No matter the weather I am sure you have been daydreaming of blooms and picnics. I thought you might be itching to create a pretty spring card or to pick up a cute one you saw recently at your local stationery shop. So I have decided to host a Spring Card Exchange. Take this opportunity to have fun, support an independent designer and meet a fellow creative!

Handmade Success Spring Card Exchange:

  • You can choose to send one handmade card or a card designed by an independent artist and/or one sold at a local small business.
  • If you have a business feel free to write that in the card and maybe even include a business card.
  • Email me at kerry@handmadesuccess.com with your name, address, business name and social media links by next Monday, April 21st at 7pm MST.
  • All cards must be mailed by Wednesday, April 30th 2014.
  • Let me know if you would like to mail internationally.
  • Feel free to share photos of cards you send and receive on social media. Use the hashtag #springcardswap if you like.
  • I will email everyone their exchange partners next Wednesday, April 23rd!
  • You can keep it simple or maybe share a bit about yourself or share a bit of encouragement and/or inspiration.
  • Most of all, have fun!

Happy Spring!

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How to Build an Honest Marketing Strategy that Wins

munishopCoral Linen Tote Bag from MUNI shop

If you live in a snowy region, you’ll know that every time there’s a big snowstorm the news and weather channels cover it all. day. long. If you’re anything like me, you watch the report for five minutes and then wonder: who in the world is going to watch this all day long? 

The answer to that question is: my husband. He eats snowy weather reports up with a spoon. He simply can’t get enough of the Doppler, the predictions, the pictures or the footage of snow. He loves it, and he tunes in and switches between snow-reporting channels all. day. long.

Here’s the important question: Which viewer is more valuable to the news stations? The woman who tunes in for five minutes or the man who tunes in for five hours? Which person is going to watch more commercials, share snow report videos, and talk about what they’re hearing on the news? The guy who tunes in for five hours, of course.

I’ve always understood this about business. “My people” are the only people I focus on. Many sellers will jump through hoops for that one-off sale: they’ll stuff keywords, list and re-list all day long, spend eight hours chatting in the forums, etc., but I’ve never been a seller who looks for one-off sales (or five-minute viewers).

I only want to talk to the people who are willing to really tune in. I know they’re what matters most to my bottom line, and I value them immensely. In fact, I invite my Energy Shop customers to read Marketing Creativity regularly (the blog where I discuss all the marketing strategies I use to find Energy Shop customers).

Know why? Because if you look at the core of my strategy, it is simply this: 

Find people who deeply appreciate your work, and then
Deeply appreciate those people, and then
Brainstorm ways you can find more people just like them.

There’s no scheming or tricking involved. I certainly do not use fear-based tactics or cringe-worthy advertising strategies. I offer full disclosure into my very honest marketing mission: I want to find the people who really get what I do.

Who are the people who get what you do? And where might you find them?


 Lisa Jacobs — Marketing Creativity

Lisa Jacobs writes Marketing Creativity for fellow creative spirits who aim to build a career with their own two hands. She leads group webinar programs and offers one-on-one coaching designed to help you get paid to be … you.

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LET’S GET CREATIVE – Free Printable!


Hello! I have noticed lately that I have not had much time to get creative just for fun. I made this simple printable and hung with washi tape to remind me to do just that. Now I have some outdoor projects planned like making and hanging bunting and possibly painting the back wall also creating a great space inside for getting creative with me and my boys.

You can click here to download the printable or simply click on the photo :)

I would love to know what you have been creating lately just for fun. Please share in the comments!



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Gorgeous Free Easter Printable From One-O


Hi darlings,

Welcome to April! For those of you readers like us that are in this half of the world this means daylight is getting longer and days sunnier.. we’re so happy about this! So Easter is just around the corner and if you’re crazy girls doing thousands of things at a time you’ll probably enjoy today’s freebie. We usually end up the day before an event, whether it’s a birthday or just a party, with nothing than the will of having an instantaneous magic card-for-any-event. Ok that doesn’t exist, but we can help you as far as Easter Greetings concerns. We made this cute floral bunny just for you!


All you have to do is print, bend in half and then half again just as showed in the pictures. Inside you can add your special greetings whilst you’re going to the event and you’re pretty done! By the way, in these pictures you can see we printed and hung up the card on a DIY pin board that, well, is actually a sneak peak of Friday’s post! If you’re curious, pop at One-o.it after Friday to catch up with the how-to.


Enjoy Easter with your friend and family

Chiara & Irene xxxxx


Chiara & Irene — One O

Chiara Cavagion and Irene Fucci are graphic designers and photography lovers from a lovely town called Turin, Italy. In 2013 they decided to turn their graduation project into a creative handmade business and this is how One O was born. They enjoy designing, handprinting and sewing new soft furnishing as well as experimenting crafty projects to share on the blog. Their mantra is: try to walk slowly and you will find all the (amazing) “things we lost” in the humdrum routine.

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Indie Retail – New Class + Giveaway!

hi-res-giveawaySelling your work to shops can be a pretty intimidating prospect for creative people.

Give us some crafty tools and materials and we know exactly what to do.

Tell us we have to pitch our stuff to a retailer?


But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The fact is that indie boutiques and galleries need lovely things like yours to put on their shelves. Shopkeepers are always searching for ways to stand out from the competition, and stocking unique, artist-made items is a major way to do that.

But simply knowing this doesn’t make approaching stores about your work any easier.

That’s why award-winning indie shopkeeper Clare Yuille created What Retailers Want – the popular training program in selling your work to shops.

Clare is our monthly retail contributor here on Handmade Success, and as the founder of Indie Retail Academy, she knows what makes retailers say YES.

And you know what?

The home study version of What Retailers Want goes live today!

After three wildly successful live intakes, the class is now available as a digital product.

No waiting for weekly lessons or clearing your schedule for live calls. Download the complete program with a click and work through it at your own pace.

To celebrate the launch there’s a pretty sweet bonus offer happening right now too – click here to see the full details.

But that’s not even the best part.

Clare’s offering one Handmade Success reader her entire catalogue of digital programs, plus a 1-to-1 coaching package – for FREE.

That includes:

·         What Retailers Want ($97)

·         Retailer Catnip ($54)

·         About Page Repair Kit ($54)

·         Product Description Repair Kit ($54)

·         Buyers’ Pack Rescue ($299)

You’d spend over $550 if you were to buy all of these materials separately. We’re giving away one complete set for free. Nifty, huh?

Here’s how to win: 

1. Head over to Indie Retail Academy and take a look around.

2. Leave a comment below telling us which is your favourite blog post and why.

One winner will be chosen on Friday, April 4th and announced on this post. No purchase is necessary. If the winner has already purchased the home study version of What Retailers Want, the purchase price for that class only will be refunded. No other previous purchases will be considered. Deadline to enter is Thursday, April 3rd at 8pm MST.

So, are you ready to get your retail on – minus the fear and confusion? Of course you are!

Good luck!



Congratulations, Megan! You won the Indie Retail Giveaway! I will be in touch shortly with the details! Thank you to all who entered and thank you Clare for sharing with us!

clarewashi copy

Clare Yuille is a shopkeeper, writer and retail coach for creative people.

If you want to learn how to sell your work to shops, download her free Indie Retail Starter Kit.

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