Social media marketing can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking for an easy way to rapidly grow your business- having an online presence is key. Here are a few reliable tips to simplify the process and get you started.

  1. Setting realistic goals: When it comes to your weekly social media schedule, it’s okay to start small. Test out a few different social media platforms, and determine which are tailored to suit your needs. When you’re ready, write down a few weekly goals you would like to achieve and realistic ways you can meet them.
  2. Building a Following: Encourage customers to follow you on social media. One advantage of being a small brand is your ability to interact one on one with your customers. People are more likely to appreciate and trust your brand when you initiate person to person interaction/connections via the social web. A great way to find new content and make new connections is by following other bloggers, brands, or like-minded businesses you admire.
  3. Creating content for your audience: Before seeking out content to share, ask yourself: Who is my audience? What are they interested in? What might entertain them? or What expertise can I share with them? For example, if your company specializes in wedding supplies your audience might be primarily women, ages 20-40. They are likely to be interested in wedding related news and tips on how to prepare for their special day.
  4. Making a schedule: Determine how much time you want to devote to social media marketing per week. It’s important to consider if you have very limited time, or you just hate sitting in front of a computer. Check out your page analytics to get an idea of specific time frames when your followers are engaging with your posts and work from there. Once you have found your “optimal” posting times, you can simplify by scheduling posts ahead of time.
  5. Be Patient and be flexible. It’s not likely that you’ll become a Twitter celebrity overnight. Customizing a schedule that works for you and focusing on consistency will be two of your most important tools for success!


Colleen Peddycord: ShopTender

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