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Your Opinion Wanted: What else is out there besides Etsy?


Hello! Occasionally I receive emails with questions that are just perfect for all of you creatives to help answer. This month’s comes from Cathi:

“What else is out their that is not Etsy?  Unless you pay for your spot to get recognized it is hard. There has to be some other company like Etsy, or  another one like that. It’s just so big. What is your opinion?”

I could just share a list of these site but I know many of you sell on various sites and I would love it if you could share them along with your experience. Plus tips and any responses you might have to this question would be wonderful!

Thanks for being so supportive!


Your Opinion Wanted: Getting Found

yowpaintHello! Last month Rahul of Book Makes wrote to me saying:

“I’ve basically been making a lot of handmade notebooks and then I had the idea of selling them online. The problem I have at the moment is that no one really knows about it and I have been trying to get some word of mouth going around.”

He wants to know how to get more exposure for his business. I suggested we ask you so you can help each other by sharing your stories of getting found by your target customers. Please share your stories and tips in the comments!


Your Opinion Wanted: To Blog Or Not To Blog

yowjanLast week Megan’s post about blogging was a big hit and provoked a lot of conversation. This week we are taking a different look at blogging for your business. When I read this question from Joi Hunter of Sew She Stitches I had a feeling she is not the only one who feels this way. Joi and I both agreed we should share the question with you.

“I have a question about blogs. I’ve been told that I should have one as a crafter. I’m ready to make a go of my business but I don’t see myself as a blogger. I just want to put my goods out there for people to enjoy. I am not that great of a teacher for blogging tutorials. Do you have any suggestions for someone like me? Are there other ways of gaining ‘followers’/potential clients than a blog?”

Please share your opinion, thoughts, answers and questions in the comments! Also, if you know of any helpful articles share the links too!

p.s. Looking for more questions answered? Check out our past Your Opinion Wanted posts here or submit your own to

Your Opinion Wanted: Questions for the Uncommon Goods Buyers

yow10Happy Tuesday! This round of Your Opinion Wanted is actually from me instead of a reader. Last month, Rocky Taft from Uncommon Goods (my husband is obsessed with this site!) got in touch because we linked to their site in this Etsy Top Seller Interview a while back. After we got chatting, we talked about working together since they support handmade artists. I asked who I would talk to about how they select artists for their site. He suggested I create a list of questions to submit to their buyers. For this, I turn to you:

What would you ask the buyers at Uncommon Goods? Do you want to know things like: does my business have to be a certain size, how do you find the artists you feature, are their certain criteria each shop must meet? These are a couple that I was thinking of but I would love to hear from you! Please share any questions in the comments. I will compile a list to send to Rocky and then you will see the answers in a future post!

Thanks for your help!

p.s. If you have any questions that you would like our community to help you with be sure to contact me so you can be a part of the next Your Opinion Wanted!

Your Opinion Wanted: Opening a Retail Store

YOWSTATIONERYGood morning! I have been busy wrapping up preschool here and getting ready for the heat of my first Arizona summer in 13 years! I am hoping you can help me help a Handmade Success reader out. Today I have a question from Lelanie of Of Beauty and Love:

“I would like to know if you have any advice on opening your own retail store. I am planning on opening a stationary boutique- this is scary and exciting at the same time. Do you have any advice or tips, or a step-by-step plan? :)”

Do you own a retail store? Have you considered opening a retail store or know someone who has? Please share your opinion, thoughts, answers and questions in the comments! Also, if you know of any helpful articles share the links too!

Do you have a question you think our readers can help you answer? Just shoot it my way!

xo, kerry