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Overcome the obstacle to success: Prioritize


Last month I wrote about your obstacles
to success
and I’m so thrilled with the response it got
. You’ve inspired me to dig deeper into HOW you can
overcome those obstacles.

The first obstacle (You don’t know what you want), is a
really personal thing. There’s no outline or “right answers”. You
just need to sit down and DO it (it’s ok, I’ll wait!)

But the second one: You
Don’t Prioritize
, I think we need to talk a bit more about

As summer blooms and you’re pulled in a zillion directions
(outside! kids home! inside! crafting!), prioritizing is the
Forget “time management”, just do a few high-impact things every day
and soak up the sun (and success).

Even if you’re not planning a busy summer, I know that you’re
wondering about this, because one of the first questions asked in the
was “Where do I start? How do I know where to start?

The answer (as is usually the case!) is: It depends on you and
your business.

But for everyone, it is a matter or prioritizing. Once you clarify
your priorities, you can decide where to start.

There are two kind of businesses….

Ok, there a zillion kinds of businesses, but I’ve noticed that when it
comes to being successful, you probably need to shift your focus on
one of two priorities:

  • Make your product.
  • Share your product.

Everything in your business can be broken down into those two steps.
(Of course, each step is filled with it’s own universe of
complexity, but these are the general outlines)

The question is: which one should be YOUR priority?

That depends on who you are and what you’ve already been spending your
time and energy on.

From my experience with crafty businesses, we tend to focus all of our
attention on ONE side of the equation. We read, obsess, and plot
only one side. We get really good at doing ONE of those

If you want success: you gotta shift your focus.
You’re new priority will be the other side of the equation.

Make your product.

If you’ve been spending your time getting more twitter followers,
driving traffic, reading blog posts, dreaming about your
business….it’s time to focus on MAKING.

Sharing your product.

If you’ve created your product, made lots of products, maybe even
listed it…but no one knows it exits, it’s time to focus on SHARING.

Which one are you?

I bet you know as soon as you read it. You felt a little nod and
yep, that’s me.

Don’t make it complicated.
Pick the one you know you are, even if it’s uncomfortable.

But don’t just pick it, really prioritize it.

When you have limited time this summer in between pool parties and
picnics, ask yourself:

What’s the easiest, most obvious thing I can do on my priority?
What will create the biggest impact?

Need a little help getting started?

Depending on where you are in your own handmade success story, you
might one of do any of the following.

Priority: make product.

  • Make something without worrying about it if it’s perfect or not
  • Plan a new line that fills a need your customer has (Sell blank
    books: How about journaling prompts? Sell hats: How about mittens?
    Sell earrings: how about matching hair clips?).
  • Introduce 3 new colors to your most popular line.
  • Photograph everything you’ve already made, with really clear,
    well-lit photos.

Priority: Share it.

  • After every sale, send a “thank you” email with a link to your
  • Send a note to your newsletter subscribers (no matter how long
    it’s been) wishing them a happy summer and asking for their favorite
    summer memories (use these to create a new line!)
  • If you’re on social media, share a link to a product, at least
    once a week (make sure you’re involved on that platform all the rest
    of the week!)
  • If you have a blog, write a post answering a question your
    customer might have about using your product (if you don’t have a
    blog, write it in your Facebook notes).
  • If you have a blog, write about your inspiration. Include
    gorgeous photos and be explicit, not general (if you don’t have a
    blog, write it in your Facebook notes).
  • If you haven’t been sharing your thing, it’s probably because
    you’re nervous about being spammy. I get that! Just focus your energy
    on people who have told you that they WANT to hear about your product
    (by signing up for your newsletter or liking your Facebook page).


Next month I’ll talk about the accountability obstacle, but if
you’re desperate for some before then, check out the Starship.

Tell me what your new priority is in the comments + what
you’ll do to create IMPACT this summer.


Tara Swiger crafts independence, pilots a Starship and takes naps. If you’re craving some business-smarts for your craftastic adventure, get free SparklePointers delivered right to your inbox.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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