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Disappear your Fear with Facebook Live

Just like Shakira sang about how her “hips don’t lie”, I’m not fibbing when I blast you with these video stats.

  • After watching a video 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online
  • 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process
  • Enjoyment of videos increase purchase intent 97% and brand association by 139%
  • ⅓ of all online activity is spent watching video
  • Dr James McQuivey (whoever he is but he sounds smart) says that 1 min of video is the equivalent to 1.8m words

So, ask yourself honestly….are you fully utilising video to grow your craft & art business…specifically Facebook Live?

When I performed a quick survey in my Facebook group of makers about Facebook Live I was overwhelmed at how intimidated, under confident and downright scary people believed it was!

“What if no one shows up live?”

“What do I say about my crafts? I have no idea how to make a video about them!”

“I’m too petrified to be face on with the camera – it feels waaay too exposed”

“I’m too boring to make a video that people will want to watch”

Resonating at all?

I know it feels scary and uncomfortable but with stats like the above, can you afford to ignore this HUGE opportunity for getting in front of new potential customers? Especially if your competitors are staying in the wings building up their confidence.

We’ve all heard about the ever elusive Facebook algorithm and what it likes and doesn’t like, but I can guarantee that Facebook Live videos are definitely in the “like” camp.

Already businesses are seeing a huge surge in their likes, sales and awareness purely from adding Facebook Live videos to their marketing plethora. Take Guy Kawasaki, a financial and business guru who shares tips and help via FB Live – his Facebook page has lit up purely from this one easy and FREE tool.

Why are Live streaming videos more powerful than pre-recorded videos?

Live streaming videos are all about connecting with your audience in real time. It’s as close as any of us can get to meeting our customers and fans face to face. It’s more authentic than pre-recorded videos (people know you can’t go back and edit them!) and in the shiney, 24k coated world of the online business, it is SO needed and wanted by consumers.

Jackie, I’m still petrified, can you help me?

Well I’m so glad you asked!

I’m running a free 3 day mini course on how to disappear your fear with Facebook Live starting 17th April.

Join me for a daily Facebook Live (of course) where I break down:

  • Why this tool is a MUST for your craft business in 2017
  • Ideas for video content specific for makers and product based businesses
  • FAQs – let’s break down the tech and tips for getting confident to step out of the wings onto the stage!

Click here to see the event on my Facebook page and hope to see you there!


Jackie Muscat

Jackie Muscat helps the confused maker & artist create a successful brand and business on Facebook. In 2015, she transformed her kid’s mural business with zero likes, zero online presence and zero authority into a flourishing side hustle, with a 12 week waiting list in just 6 months. All achieved by using proven Facebook tactics. She now packages up her Facebook & online marketing knowledge into videos, blogs and courses for creatives serious about turning their hobby into a business online. You can read more about her here and join her free Facebook group where she’s hanging out like a bad smell that reeks of super helpful advice bombs here

Start Before You’re Ready // Social Media

Now you know some good reasons why you should start before you’re ready and Kerry gave you a breathing technique and an exercise to help you get in the zone to start before you’re ready! If you missed either of them, click here to check out my post and here to check out Kerry’s.

There are some key areas that I see makers avoid starting all the time. No judgement, I’ve been one of them! Starting something new, especially in your carefully created handmade biz, can be scary and super intimidating.

Avoiding trying new things in your business might feel nice for a while, but in the long run it could be the death of your business.

Over the next couple of months I’ll be diving deep into the 6 key areas that I see makers avoid the most.  I’m going to give you the support you need to start before you’re ready on the following topics:

–  Social Media

–  Building your own website

–  Starting a newsletter

–  Wholesale

–  Blogging

–  Hiring

Each of these areas will most likely force you out of your comfort zone in some way and into being more authentic and open in front of your audience. So, it’s no surprise that these 6 areas are some of the most commonly avoided by makers, this stuff can be scary!

Take a deep breath, I’m going to walk you through each one of these areas and tell you exactly how to start before you’re ready in each category.

Let’s jump in! Embrace the uncomfortableness of the unknown as we get started with the first topic I see makers avoid totally or avoid taking seriously: social media.  

On your long maker to-do list social media might be the farthest thing from your mind. Maybe you’re avoiding it completely or have a personal page that you randomly share your products on.

If you’re avoiding social media you could be missing a treasure trove of your ideal customers that are ready to buy.

Social media doesn’t have to be a chore, and you absolutely do not need to take on more than you can commit to.

Here are 4 steps to start before you’re ready with social media, you might be surprised how easy and fun it can be!  

Step 1: The snowball effect

Start with one social media platform. If you already have some, but aren’t really taking them seriously, pick one to focus on. Once you have one mastered and running like a well oiled machine, move onto the next one, and repeat with as many platforms as you’d like!

I know what you’re thinking…

“How do I know which social media platform is right for me to start with? “

Answer these questions to find out.

  • Where do your ideal customers hang out?
  • What social media platform do you enjoy the most?
  • What social media platform is easiest for you to commit to using on a regular basis?
  • What social media platform works best for your business budget right now?

The platform you answered the most questions with is your starting point. Don’t even worry about the others yet.

Step 2: Commit to a posting schedule

Repeat after me: I do not have to post on social media everyday unless I want to.

I talk to so many makers that say they can’t do social media because they don’t have time to do it everyday.

This is not a good excuse.

So, right here, right now, commit to a posting schedule that works for you. 3 posts per week is a good minimum to start.

  • 3 per week/ 12 monthly
  • 4 per week/ 16 monthly
  • 5 per week/ 20 monthly
  • 6 per week/ 24 monthly
  • Everyday/ 28-31 monthly

Step 3: Batch and schedule

The key to your time quandary: batching and scheduling. Schedule a couple hours a month to take all of your social media pictures for the month and schedule them out.

How much time do you spend a day thinking about all of the social media related things you should be doing. If you’re like me, WAY TOO MUCH. Haha! Batching and scheduling out my social media posts changed my world. It was one huge thing that was completely off my daily to-do list.

Some social media platforms allow you to schedule posts in advance for free, like Facebook and Twitter. Scheduling for Instagram and Pinterest isn’t built into their platforms so you’ll need to purchase a third party app.

Many of these scheduling apps are affordable and easy to use. Here’s a list of awesome scheduling programs to get you started:

Step 4: Prop bag

Your next question, “What do I take pictures of?”.

This is my favorite part about social media! Creating your prop bag is your opportunity to express your brand in another way outside of your products which is a great opportunity to be creative in another way, and it might even involve some tax write off shopping.

Side note: Make sure you’re crystal clear on your branding before committing to a crazy big prop arsenal.

With a prop bag in hand taking a pictures of your products, completed or in process, will be a breeze and on brand. At woo woo central, aka Zenned Out, our prop bag includes a multitude of crystals, smudge sticks, oracle cards, and minimal backgrounds. A good way to brainstorm good props for your brand is to ask yourself “What kind of products would your ideal customer have in their house as decoration?”.

Now you have all of the tools you need to seriously commit to one social media platform of your choice. My hope is that I’ve taken some of the guess work out of getting started with taking social media seriously and that you might even be a little bit excited about it!
Have a question? Let me know in the comments below! Already have a solid social media commitment? Comment below with your favorite tips for getting started.

Start Before Your Ready // Increase Your Positive Energy

So our last post from Cassie talked about starting before you are ready in different aspects of your business.

Did it excite you and spur you into action?

Or scare you a bit and make you feel overwhelmed?

Or both?

If you answered yes to the any of those then let’s take moment to hit the reset button.

Today I want to share a simple way to increase your positive energy when moving forward into new territory.

First, let’s get you into the right frame of mind. If your mind is swirling with thoughts of all of things you have to do let’s get you back to the present moment with a simple breathing exercise.

Taking time to focus on taking deep breaths has the power to dramatically shift your life in a positive way. Breathing exercises can help you get rid of negative energy, give you energy, relax you, shift your perspective, and help you feel better about yourself. Counting the breath helps quiet your mind. This is a huge bonus as a creative entrepreneur!

This is called the 4-2-4-2 Breath

The exercise I am going to show you can easily be done anywhere. It can be particulary helpful to do this before you start working for the day, when you are done working for the day, and also at the end of your day.

Now say the affirmation below out loud.

“Even though I do not feel ready to start ________________________. I trust that the universe will support me and the next right steps will appear.”

Next, write down any ideas that pop into your head about the next steps to take or what area you want to focus on. Continue to notice ideas and signs that relate to moving forward in this direction. Tune into your intuition. You’ll know if something is not right for you or your business.

Some of you might want to make this a daily process so we made the image above a free printable that you can download and hang up as reminder. Feel free to edit the affirmation or even use one of the ones from our Using Positive Affirmations in your Business mini-kit!!!

Share below how this breath made you feel in the comments. Also, let us know what you are ready to start before you are ready!

Why You Should Start Before You’re Ready // A Maker’s Guide

You’ve got all of the ideas in your head, you know how you want your business to grow and what you want it to be, but taking that first step can be so daunting. Want to know a secret though? Those “first steps” never truly go away, there’ll always be something new, and it will always be little (or a lot) scary.

So, why do we wait, why do we sit on these new ideas we have for our businesses for so long before taking action?

Here are a few reasons…

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of financial loss
  • Fear of what other’s might think

Are you seeing a trend here? Fear, fear, fear, and more fear.

Running a business can sometimes feel like you’re constantly walking up to another precipice of unknown territory. Your inner chatter might go something like this…

“Great, I’ve got my Etsy shop up, let the money roll in!”

“What! I need to be authentic on social media?”

“Ok, perfect, social media is up and running, I feel good about this!”

“Should I have my own website? I don’t know how to put together a website!”

I’m sure you get where I’m going with this! As business owners we’re inundated with new things that we could be doing. What is a sensitive soul to do?

First, I want to tell you that you’re not alone. I’ve run Zenned Out for six years now and in the beginning I used to think, “when I have over 10,000 sales on Etsy everything will be fine” or “once I hit 20K followers on Instagram the sales will always be rolling in and everything will be good”, sound familiar?

In my six years, that moment has yet to come and when I talk to other business owners they mimic the same thing. Life happens, markets change, your business will change, and you’ll change. There will always be a next thing or a next step, and because we’re creatures of habit there will almost always be some resistance to it.

So, why should you start before you’re ready?

Because there’s always going to be another thing, and the fear of starting might never go away. My advice to you is to jump in and learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortableness of the unknown, change, and fear.

Running my own creative biz I’ve come across my fair share of “oh, hell no” scenarios including getting started with: social media, hiring, blogging, and wholesale.

Each of these hurdles, fear inducing as they may be, are important aspects of growing any business! Next week Kerry will be walking you through steps to get you energetically prepared to get started on what’s scaring you, and then I’ll be back to walk you through getting started on some of the top maker hurdles I’ve encountered.

Until then, let’s get the discussion started! What are you scared to move forward on right now? What are the big plans you’ve been sitting on and avoiding?